all winter survival resource locations

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Gathering material.

Surviving the elements and wildness of Winter Survival means harvesting materials across the map to keep yourself alive. Whether you’re braving a digital wilderness in a game or preparing for real-life winter adventures, knowing where to find essential resources is crucial for building shelter, crafting equipment, and ensuring long-term survival. Here we’ll be detailing all Winter Survival resource locations and how to get them.

Resource Locations and Collection Methods

Before we crack on with all the resource locations in Winter Survival, it’s worth noting that by pressing Q, you can highlight resources near you, making it easier to locate what you need in the snowy landscape.

Animal-Based Resources

  • Animal Bone: Obtain by killing and skinning animals. Look for bones on the ground as well.
  • Animal Fur Pieces: Similar to bones, these are acquired by killing and skinning animals.
  • Leather Pieces: Again, these come from killing and skinning animals, crucial for making durable clothing and gear.
  • Raw Wolf Meat: Kill a wolf and skin it with an equipped knife to obtain this resource.

Plant-Based Resources

  • Blueberry & Fiber: Blueberry bushes not only provide blueberries but also fiber.
  • Cranberry & Fiber: Harvesting cranberry bushes yields cranberries and additional fiber.
  • Medicinal Herb: Look for these herbs standing alone in the wild, useful for health restoration.
  • Rosa Canina: Found in wild bushes, valuable for its medicinal properties.
  • Snow Mountain Garlic: Search in the wild and garden fields scattered across the map.
  • Sugar Beet: Located in garden fields, essential for food and sugar production.
  • Tall Grass: Ubiquitous across the map, necessary for various crafting needs.
  • Wild Carrot & Wild Potato: Found in garden fields, these are crucial for nutrition.

Fungi and Mushrooms

  • Cave Moss: Look on the walls of certain caves for this resource.
  • Chaga Mushroom: Found on angled tree stumps, beneficial for health.
  • Chicken of the Forest: A yellow-colored mushroom on tree stumps, edible.
  • Liberty Cap Mushroom: Found on the ground, notable for its unique shape.
  • Turkey Tail: These mushrooms grow on tree stumps and are useful in crafting.

Misc. Natural Resources

  • Branch & Large Branch: Found on the ground, by grabbing a branch bush, or by chopping down trees.
  • Rock: Pick up rock piles found on the ground for building and tool-making.
  • Salt Crystal: Look for these in clusters near bodies of water, useful for food preservation.
  • Water: Drink from any fresh, unfrozen source to stay hydrated.

Man-Made Items and Materials

  • Battery: A blue cylinder found inside structures and abandoned areas, essential for power.
  • Metal Scrap, Spring, Wire: Found in abandoned structures, crucial for crafting tools and equipment.
  • Nails: Look for these in structures, either loose or in white boxes.
  • Moonshine Spirit & Rye Vodka: Found in abandoned areas, stored in distinctive bottles.
  • Marko’s Beans & Meaty Pete: Food items found in teal and yellow cans respectively, in structures.

So there you have it. This guide should have given you a thorough overview of the essential resources in Winter Survival, along with tips on how to locate and gather them. We’ll be keeping this article updated over time to include more resources we come across. You can find other similar content for games like Nightingale on the site if you’re a fan of this genre.