all cooking recipes in Winter Survival

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Dinner's up!

When the wind’s howling and your low on energy, foraging for food and cooking up a feed is essential for survival. Here we’ll be detailing all Winter Survival cooking recipes, as well as explaining how to cook in the game to maximize your food’s nutritional value and ensure your sustenance in the snowy wilderness.

Winter Survival Cooking Recipes

Let’s break down all the recipes in the game, but before we do keep in mind that the following works well in tandem with our list of all resources. That way you can reference where to find some of the ingredients listed below.

  • Warmed Marko’s Beans
    • Ingredients: Marko’s Beans.
    • Benefits: Restores 45 Hunger, 20 Heat.
  • Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea
    • Ingredients: 3 Turkey Tail Mushrooms, 15 Fresh Water, Cooking Pot.
    • Benefits: Restores 10 Health, 30 Thirst, 30 Warmth.
  • Simple Bread
    • Ingredients: 10 Flour, 5 Fresh Water, 2 Crushed Salt.
    • Benefits: Restores 40 Health, 10 Energy.
  • Pancakes
    • Ingredients: 5 Flour, 10 Fresh Water, 10 Blueberries, 1 Willowherb, 1 Sugar, 2 of any Egg, Frying Pan.
    • Benefits: Restores 15 Health, 30 Hunger, 50 Energy.
  • Owl Egg Omelette
    • Ingredients: 4 Willowherb, 4 Owl Eggs, 2 Crushed Salt, Frying Pan.
    • Benefits: Restores 40 Health, 56 Hunger, 10 Thirst, 20 Heat.
  • Eagle Egg Omelette
    • Ingredients: 4 Willowherb, 3 Eagle Eggs, 2 Crushed Salt, Frying Pan.
    • Benefits: Restores 50 Health, 63 Hunger, 15 Thirst, 20 Heat.
  • Eggs and Bacon
    • Ingredients: 2 of Any Egg, 1 Animal Fat, 1 Crushed Salt, Frying Pan.
    • Benefits: Restores 25 Health, 60 Hunger, 25 Energy, 15 Thirst.
  • Makeshift Syrup
    • Ingredients: 10 Fresh Water, 2 Cave Moss, 2 Snow Mountain Garlic, 2 Chaga Mushrooms, Cooking Pot.
    • Benefits: Restores 100 Health, removes RRI status effect.
  • Deer Stew
    • Ingredients: 2 Raw Venison, 25 Fresh Water, 2 Wild Carrot, 2 Wild Potato, 2 Willowherb, Cooking Pot.
    • Benefits: Restores 15 Health, 200 Hunger, 30 Thirst, 50 Heat.
  • Rabbit Stew
    • Ingredients: 3 Raw Rabbit Meat, 20 Fresh Water, 2 Wild Potato, 2 Wild Carrot, 2 Willowherb, Cooking Pot.
    • Benefits: Restores 10 Health, 145 Hunger, 20 Thirst, 40 Heat.
  • Late Mushroom Oyster Soup
    • Ingredients: 4 Late Oyster Mushrooms, 35 Fresh Water, 2 Crushed Salt, 2 Willowherb, Cooking Pot.
    • Benefits: Restores 80 Hunger, 40 Thirst, 50 Heat.

How to Get Food

Foraging and Gathering

  • Canned Food: Often found in ruined buildings and man-made structures, these are a quick source of nourishment and are improved when cooked.
  • Berries and Mushrooms: Harvested from bushes, the ground, and tree trunks, these provide early sustenance. Be cautious of poisonous varieties.
  • Animals: Hunting provides meat with significant benefits once cooked, though it might not be feasible early on, especially in Endless Mode.

Food Freshness

All food items come with a freshness level that decreases over time, leading to spoilage. Spoiled food is less beneficial and may cause negative effects.

How to Cook in Winter Survival

Cooking transforms ingredients into more beneficial or different food items. Mopst recipes are unlocked through quest progression in Story Mode or by increasing your Adaptation Level in Endless Mode. Be mindful not to leave food on the fire for too long, as it can burn. Some cooked foods can revert to their previous states if not consumed timely.

Access the cooking interface by a lit fire, where you can combine ingredients to create meals.

Cooking Tips

  • Always monitor the freshness of ingredients to avoid spoiling.
  • Utilize the cooking interface efficiently by combining the right ingredients to unlock and prepare the desired recipes.
  • Be vigilant while cooking to prevent food from burning, as this will negate any benefits the food might offer.

That wraps up our Winter Survival cooking recipes guide. With these, you should be better equipped to face the challenges of the snowy wilderness, ensuring your survival with yummy meals that buff your character.