best palworld mods to download

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via We Game Daily


Developer Pocket Pair, Inc’s open-world survival game is already brilliant in Early Access. Despite still being a work-in-progress, Palworld is a top-notch experience that already feels like a meaningful evolution of the Pokemon formula which has for years been stagnant. Of course, it’s not perfect, and we can envision a bunch of features and enhancements that could be added. Luckily, the talented modding community has been hard at work. Here’s a list of the best Palworld mods you should consider installing. We’re keeping this article updated over time.

Creative Menu

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via Okaetsu

The creative menu mod introduces advanced features for spawning Pals, NPCs, and items within the game, catering especially to players looking for more control and customization over their gameplay experience. It allows you to spawn in Pals, which are companions or entities within the game, and not only can you spawn them, but you can also directly gift them to yourself. A standout feature of this mod is the ability to customize the stats, IVs (Individual Values), abilities, and passives of these Pals before spawning them. This customization feature enables you to enhance non-shiny or non-legendary Pals with special traits, such as the Lucky or Legend passive, which are typically exclusive or rare.

For multiplayer gameplay, this mod supports spawning items, Pals, and NPCs in a multiplayer environment. However, it’s important to note that to use these features in multiplayer, you must have administrative privileges on the server.

Paldar Mini Map

best palworld mods
Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via T3R3NC3B

Here’s a handy mod! This add a minimap radar that displays live pal positions and other useful things. You can deploy a mega-zoomed-out mode for easier navigation. Thanks T3R3NC3B!

Base Camp Area Range Increase

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via Gantz79

Base building is obviously one of the key aspects of the Palworld experience, which is why the limited distance of camps in the vanilla version is annoying. This mod fixes all that, increasing the construction range around the base by 1,5 times or 2.

Ghibli Style Preset

palworld ghibi mod
Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via KiiiNo mod

Any anime-esque survival game has us dreaming of a Studio Ghibli game that has never been. Well, except for the iconic Ni No Kuni series. If you’re hankering for something similar in appearance then this simple ReShade Preset gives a Ghibli style to your Palworld experience, adding warmer colors and giving a better look to your grass and trees.

Remove Flying Stamina Cost

palworld interactive map page
Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc

Soaring high above Palworld’s lush expanse is one of our favorite activities, but having your hang time limited by stamina can be a bit of a bummer. Here’s a mod that removes the flying stamina cost and allows you to glide about without having to worry about taking a pause.

Carry Weight Increase

palworld mods
Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via Vucksacha

Just as having to worry about flying stamina is a bore, so too is having to manage your inventory to carry things. This mod increases carry weight restrictions, making your traversal around Palworld’s map so much easier. Well worth a download!

Local Co-Op & Dedicated Server Options

Palworld trailer
Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc.

Palworld has had its fair share of woes when it comes to setting up multiplayer lobbies and creating dedicated servers. This mod modifies the max player capacity of your local co-op multiplayer and dedicated server. It’s also able to change many aspects of your dedicated server, such as its name, time of day, speed, and experience rates.

Toggle Hud Mod

best palworld mods
Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via cxve

Nothing breaks your survival immersion like giant HUD icons! Thankfully, there’s now a Palword mod that can switch off distractions at the push of a button, making for a more serene and uncluttered gameplay experience.

Play as Victor

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via FrancisLouis

Victor and Shadowbeak are Palworld’s fifth Tower Boss battle, but as much as they’re an adversary it’s fair to say Victor is a bit of a badass. So, no wonder we were ecstatic to learn there’s mod that allows you to play as him! There’s a bit funkiness going on with his hair, as explained by modder FrancisLouis, but overall this is really well done.

Play as Zoe

Zoe was the bane of our lives for a good hour or so as we tried to beat her and Grizzbolt, but she definitely… catches the eye! Well, if you’d like to play as her then you now can thanks to this mod. Note that if you want her hairstyle you’ll need to install a separate mod.

Tasks Add Sanity

best palworld mods
Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via Gantz79

When we enslave Pals and put them to work, they should be happy in their daily grind, right? What’s with all the loss of sanity! Well, now there’s a mod that ensures your fuzzies are content mining and farming as you commend them to. Very handy!

All Constructions Unbreakable

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via Gantz79

They don’t build em’ like this in the vanilla game! This mod makes all constructions in the game unbreakable once built, which means your defenses and structures remain solid as a rock. Very useful if you’re not in the mood for constant upkeep.

NPC Workers

best palworld mods
Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via Selegends

One feature we love in Palworld is that it’s not just creatures you can capture and put to work but humans too. Unfortunately, they’re nowhere near as useful, which is exactly why this Palworld mod is so damn good: NPC Workers makes humans more useful. Specifically, they’ll get the following traits:

  • Watering Lvl 4
  • Handiwork Lvl 1
  • Gathering Lvl 4
  • Lumbering Lvl 4

All Pals Work Suitability LV4

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc via Gantz79

If you’re besties with a Pal but their work suitability isn’t up to snuff then fear not. This mod makes all your pals Work Suitability Lv. 4, which means they kickass at all the tasks you assign them to! Be a little careful with compatibility on this one as it clashes with a few mods (check the forum posts).

Unlock the Map

unlock the map mod in palworld
Image source: Pocket Pal, Inc via W1ns

If you just want to skip having to clear the entire map and reveal its secrets then this map unlock mod is perfect. It doesn’t actually activate fast travel points, but at least you’ll have a clear direction on where to find any useful Pals or resources you’re looking for.