All item rarities in Last Epoch

Image source: Eleventh Hour Games

Know your items.

In Last Epoch, items are categorized into different rarities. Each have their own unique characteristics and ways to obtain them. If you don’t understand these rarities, your journey through Eterra will be more limited and difficult. Here, we break down all items rarities in Last Epoch and how to farm them so you can make the most of what can be found.

All Item Rarities in Last Epoch

Common and Magic Items

Common (White) and Magic (Blue) items are your initial gear during the early stages of the campaign. Focus on increasing your stats by defeating enemies and looking for item drops that enhance your build-specific stats. As you progress, you’ll aim to upgrade from Common to Magic items.

Farming: These items drop frequently from enemies throughout the game. Prioritize Magic items for their better stats and potential for crafting.

Crafting: Magic items can be upgraded to Rare items by adding affixes via crafting.

Rare Items

Rare (Yellow) items become more common from the mid-campaign to the endgame. They provide a solid foundation for your stats until you can upgrade to higher-tier items.

Farming: Rare items drop from trash mobs, bosses, and echo rewards. They are the second most common drops after Magic items.

Exalted Items

Exalted (Purple) items are geared toward endgame activities. They are less common than Rare items but more abundant than Unique items. Exalted items come with Tier 6 (T6) affixes, which offer significantly increased stats that cannot be altered through crafting.

Farming: You’ll need to focus on endgame activities to find Exalted items. They are crucial for min-maxing your build due to their high-tier affixes.

Unique Items

Unique (Orange) items are equivalent to Exotics in other games. They come with specific stats and affixes meant for particular classes and builds, which cannot be changed via crafting.

Farming: Unique items drop from trash mobs, dungeons, and higher-tier bosses.

Crafting: Some Uniques can be obtained via crafting using a Rune of Ascendance and a gear of the same type (e.g. crafting a Unique Sword from a Magic or Rare Sword).

Functionality: Unique items are designed to enhance specific builds, such as enhancing builds that require continuous resource consumption.

Set Items

Set (Green) items come with set bonuses that offer specific stats to amplify your build. They work similarly to Unique items, providing tailored enhancements to your character.

Farming: Look for Set items in endgame content and focus on collecting pieces that complement your build.

Legendary Items

Legendary (Red) items are obtained by upgrading Unique items with Legendary Potential or Weaver’s Will. These upgrades provide even greater enhancements to your build.

Farming: Upgrade eligible Unique items via the Temporal Sanctum Dungeon or by defeating specific enemies.

So, there you have it: a complete guide to all item rarities in Last Epoch with ideas on how to craft and farm them, if applicable. By understanding the different item rarities in Last Epoch and knowing how to farm them, you can effectively gear up your character for the challenges ahead. As you progress, you’ll want to unlock Mastery to further enhance your character, so check out our detailed guide on how to do that.