How to link items in the chat in Last Epoch

Image source: Eleventh Hour Games via We Game Daily

Loot envy.

For Last Epoch players partaking in online party play, linking items in the chat is an important feature to understand. It allows you to share detailed information about specific items with your teammates without needing verbal communication. Here, we run through how to link items in the chat in Last Epoch and why you should do it.

How to Link Items in the Chat in Last Epoch

To link items in the chat, follow these steps:

  1. Open Your Inventory: Access your inventory by pressing the designated inventory key (default is “I”).
  2. Hold Down CTRL: While in your inventory, hold down the Control key (CTRL) on your keyboard.
  3. Right-Click the Item: While holding CTRL, right-click on the item you wish to link.
  4. Send the Linked Item: The item will now be linked in your chat box. Press Enter to send the chat message, sharing the linked item with your party or other players.

What Does Linking Items Do?

  • Share Detailed Information: When you link an item, the chat message will display all the necessary details about the item, including its description, attributes, stats, and more. This helps you make informed decisions about whether you want to acquire the item.
  • Facilitate Communication: Linking items in chat simplifies communication within an online party. You can easily discuss loot and plan builds without needing voice chat.
  • Optimize Builds: Linking items is a great way to share your build with other players. If you’re performing well, linking your items can provide valuable insights to others looking to improve their builds.
  • Helpful for Hardcore Mode: In modes like Hardcore, where players seek to optimize their builds and strategies, linking items can be particularly useful.

Tips for Linking Items

  • Use Responsibly: While linking items is a helpful feature, use it responsibly. Avoid spamming the chat with unnecessary links.
  • Limitations: You can link up to three items in a single chat message. Keep this in mind when sharing multiple items.
  • Hover to View: To view the details of a linked item in chat, simply hover your mouse cursor over the link.

So, there you have it: a guide on how to link items in the chat in Last Epoch and the advantages of doing so. By utilizing this nifty feature, you can enhance your communication with teammates, share valuable information about loot, and contribute to the overall success of your party. If you’re making good progress in Last Epoch and want to achieve Mastery, check out our step-by-step guide on how to become a veritable master.