How to unlock Mastery in Last Epoch

Image source: Eleventh Hour Games

The pupil becomes the master.

In Last Epoch, Masteries for your class aren’t available right away. They only unlock after you’ve invested a number of hours into the game. They’re worth pursuing, however, as they majorly advance your character and offer you powerful skills and passive bonuses. Here, we offer a step-by-step guide on how to unlock Mastery in Last Epoch for your class.

Unlocking Mastery in Last Epoch

A you level up, you’ll earn Passive Points. Use these to invest in your base class’s skill tree. Spend at least 20 points on your Basic passives. Progress through the campaign until you have completed Chapters 2 and 3.

Chapter 2 ends after defeating The Husk Of Elder Pannion, while Chapter 3 concludes in the Ruined Era. After completing the required chapter, you’ll enter the End of Time Era through a portal.

Meet the Forgotten Knight or Elder Gaspar

  • In the End of Time Era, head northwest from where you spawn and take the spiral path up behind the Gambler to meet The Forgotten Knight. Alternatively, look for Elder Gaspar.
  • These NPCs will give you the “Power of Mastery” quest, which allows you to choose your Mastery.

Choose Your Mastery

Choosing your Mastery is a permanent decision. Once selected, it cannot be undone or changed. Each base class offers three Mastery Classes. For example, the Mage class includes the Runemaster Mastery.

Unlock Mastery Passives

Once you’ve completed the requirements and chosen your Mastery, you can now spend points on the Mastery Passives, which grant even more powerful buffs to your character.

It’s worth keeping in mind that if you’re unsure about the main quest line, press “J” to check the quest log. Main quests have golden markers on the map, while side quests have silver markers. Again, your choice of Mastery is final. If you want to explore a different Mastery for your chosen class, you’ll need to start a new character.

So, there you have it: a guide on how to unlock Mastery in Last Epoch for your class. Just keep in mind that choosing your Mastery in a permanent decision, so select with care. To ensure you have enough points before reaching the Mastery quest, explore every corner of the world, complete all side quests, and defeat as many enemies as possible. And if you’re having trouble with the pesky server Error Le-61, check out our guide on potential fixes.