What to do first in Starfield

Image source: Bethesda

The galaxy is your oyster.

The sheer abundance of options available in Starfield can be a bit daunting when you first boot the game. So, to get you off to a good start, here are 5 things you should do first in Starfield.

Earn Citizenship

Earn citizenship in Starfield first

For those of you who remember Skyrim and Fallout, Bethesda’s faction systems are back in Starfield. The game places a big emphasis on aligning yourself with a community in the game, which then shapes the nature of the story for better or worse. Upon entering New Atlantis, one of the first quests you receive will enable you to become a UC Citizen, offering you numerous valuable privileges, including the ability to purchase homes and apartments. This is absolutely something you should do first to both set the tone for the story.

Use Companions as Storage

Storage is hard to come by in Starfield

Just as in previous Bethesda games, carrying too much weighs you down. And that’s a problem if you’re like us and like hoarding every object you find, from random scrap to exciting weapons and items. Thankfully, you don’t actually need an abundance of storage space when you have trusty companions nearby. Not only are these characters good for romance, but they’re also pack mules as well! Simply hand over your gear to a companion and stay light on your feet. Simple.

Mod Your Weapons

Always mod your weapons and space ship in Starfield

The full lexicon of customization options typical of a Bethesda game is available once again in Starfield, and you should absolutely be tinkering around with your weapons as much as possible. After having located a Weapon Workbench, you’ll be able to start modding your gear. Now, keep in mind that better mods require Research development, so getting deep into modding is a bit of an investment. The cool part is that you can tweak your weapons to suit your playstyle; suppressors for stealth builds, and powerful melee modifications for close combat, etc.

Eat Everything

Any good, old-fashioned RPG offers players a smorgasbord of delights to consume, typically buffing their stats for a limited time. Starfield has the same mechanic, so make sure you’re chowing down what you loot throughout your adventure.

From nourishment to curative supplies, players typically possess numerous methods to mend their wounds and enhance their capabilities in preparation for forthcoming battles. Additionally, these enhancements accumulate, potentially rendering you exceptionally formidable. Ever aspired to confront adversaries significantly more formidable than yourself? Consume an ample quantity of sustenance, and you just might. While it might not be entirely logical that engaging in combat with a satiated stomach enables you to vanquish some of the most formidable entities in the galaxy, who are we to challenge a triumphant approach?

Advance the Main Story

This might sound like an obvious one, but trust us when we say that the main story path in Starfield isn’t always obvious. This works against you in the early game because the story doesn’t just tell an epic space opera but also introduces you to a bunch of important tutorials as well. Like every Bethesda title, Starfield tends to pull the player in multiple directions at once, coaxing them to leave the beaten path, pursue side objectives, or simply explore. All of these things are rewarding, but it’s important not to lose sight of the main story, at least not until you’ve unlocked all the core mechanics. In an open-world game as big as this one, the idea of following the main story may irk some players. Nonetheless, following the main story is absolutely one of the things the player should do first in Starfield.