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Sitting ducks.

Starfield is a thrilling space game where space combat plays a pivotal role in your journey. In this guide, we’ll show you how to target and disable enemy ship engines in Starfield, which gives you a significant advantage during combat.

How to Target Ship Engines

Starfield targeting enemy ships
Image source: Bethesda

The most efficient way to target ship engines in Starfield is by utilizing Targeting Control Systems. These systems function similarly to the VATS system in Fallout, but they are designed specifically for space combat. To access Targeting Control Systems, follow these steps:

  1. Learn the Skill: Open your Skills menu and navigate to the Technology tree. Here, you can invest skill points to acquire ranks in various skills. Look for “Targeting Control Systems” and spend a skill point to learn it. This skill is essential for precise targeting in space battles.
  2. Engage Targeting Control Systems: During space combat, activate Targeting Control Systems. When activated, time will slow down, allowing you to focus on specific ship parts.
  3. Select the Engine: While in Targeting Control Systems, aim at the enemy ship’s engine. This will allow you to lock onto the engine and fire your weapons with precision.
  4. Fire Away: Once you’ve locked onto the engine, start firing. Your shots will automatically target the selected ship part and begin damaging it. With a powerful weapon, you can disable the engine relatively quickly.

Why Target Enemy Ship Engines in Starfield?

Disabling an enemy ship’s engines in Starfield is a strategic move that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. It not only reduces the threat posed by the enemy but also makes it easier to loot the disabled ship without worrying about hostile fire. Here’s how to target engines in Starfield to increase your chances of success.

Using Targeting Control Systems to target ship engines offers several advantages:

  • Precision: You can be precise in your aim, reducing the need for luck in hitting crucial ship components.
  • Negotiation and Boarding: By disabling the engine without destroying the entire ship, you increase the chances of negotiating with or boarding the enemy craft. This can lead to valuable opportunities and resources.
  • Efficient Looting: Disabled ships are easier to loot, allowing you to obtain valuable goods without dealing with hostile fire.

Keep the following in mind while using Targeting Control Systems:

  • Skill Investment: Acquiring the Targeting Control Systems skill will cost you a skill point, so consider it an investment if you plan on engaging in space combat.
  • Multiple Locks: Some ships may have powerful engines that require multiple target locks to disable fully. Be prepared for extended battles in such cases.
  • Awareness: While in Targeting Control Systems, remember that you are not invincible. Stay alert to your surroundings and potential threats.


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By mastering the art of targeting ship engines in Starfield, you’ll gain a significant advantage in space combat, making your journey through the cosmos a thrilling and rewarding experience. Enjoy your adventures in Starfield, available on Xbox Series X|S and PC starting September 6.