the elder scrolls VI title screen

Image source: Bethesda

The wait begins.

In anticipation of the imminent early access launch of Starfield, Bethesda has tantalized fans with a glimpse into the future, shedding light on the progress of another eagerly awaited title: The Elder Scrolls VI.

Just a few days ago, Todd Howard, the game director at Bethesda Game Studios, declared the studio’s ambition to craft the quintessential fantasy world simulator with the sixth installment of the revered franchise. Now, in an exclusive interview with the Spanish gaming website Vandal, Bethesda’s Head of Publishing, Pete Hines, has confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI has transitioned from the pre-production phase into early development.

The Elder Scrolls VI Early Development Begins, But Starfield Still the Focus

Remarkably, this indicates that Bethesda did not wait for the completion of Starfield to initiate production on the highly anticipated sequel. Nevertheless, Hines cautioned against raising expectations for imminent updates on the game, stating:

“Let’s see, over time, but years later. We have put all our studios focused on making this game [Starfield] the best it can be. And yes, there are people working on The Elder Scrolls VI, but this is what the studio has focused on. So no, at no early point are you going to hear about The Elder Scrolls VI. Starfield is our focus for now, and it’s going to remain our priority for a while before we talk about anything else.”

It is evident that Starfield will occupy the central stage for an extended period, with Bethesda committed to delivering updates, DLCs, including the confirmed “Shattered Space” expansion, and mod tools expected in the coming months.

Bethesda has a history of unveiling its games relatively close to their release dates. Notably, Fallout 4 was announced and subsequently launched within the same year. While Starfield experienced a delay from its original launch date, comprehensive information from Bethesda began to surface only in the past year or so.

Likewise, it is reasonable to assume that The Elder Scrolls VI will follow a similar pattern. Though the exact release window remains speculative, a realistic estimate could be as late as 2027 or 2028. Consequently, fans should not anticipate significant revelations before the year 2026 or thereabouts.

The initial announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI in 2018 provided reassurance to fans after the launch of Fallout 76, signaling Bethesda’s continued commitment to single-player experiences. However, Todd Howard has since acknowledged that the announcement may have been premature.


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Presently, details about The Elder Scrolls VI remain scarce. However, swirling rumors and speculation point towards a potential setting in Hammerfell, the desert homeland of the Redguards. Additionally, features such as a political system, themes of betrayal, and marriage mechanics have been hinted at, aligning with Todd Howard’s vision of creating the ultimate fantasy world simulator.

As fans eagerly await more information, Bethesda remains steadfast in its focus on ensuring that Starfield realizes its full potential before they embark on the next epic adventure in the world of Tamriel.