beating feral hunters quest and finding access codes

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Hunting beasts and takin' codes.

Pandora’s open world hides many secrets. Exploring the sandbox you’ll come across numerous side-quests, but it’s not always easy to work exactly what the game’s asking you to do. If you’ve come across Research Station Alpha, you might have stumbled upon the Feral Hunter quest which requires you to find various access codes. But where are you supposed to go and what are these codes for? Here we’ll explain how to complete the Feral Hunter quest in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

Feral Hunter Quest in Frontiers of Pandora Full Walkthrough

research station alpha is where Feral Hunter begins

The RDA station is found in Clouded Forest area (use our interactive map to locate it). When you arrive, locate the breakable vent on the south side of Research Station Alpha, which is located left along the wall that says A02, you’ll be able to work your way inside. This area is pretty linear, but you’ll need to destroy a fuse box to free up the current and open the hatch that’s blocking your path initially. Aim at it through the hole in the wall to do so, then use your SID tool to hack the channel of the circuit. Once you are through, there’s another here to get past (make sure you loot the ammo crate).

Now proceed down the new hallway you find yourself in, break the vent at the end (there is glowing fauna leading up to it), and drop down. Proceed through here until the floor breaks and you drop down into a lab room. You can get up to the level above and grab some ammo before fixing the shaft door (just interact with it) and heading out of the lab toward an accessway. Use the RDA tool to ascend the next level.

avatar frontiers of pandora access codes

There are some more circuits to hack here using your SID. Once you have, the Ferals will suddenly awaken and pounce. Deal with them. You’ll then have initiated the Feral Hunter quest. Track the quest, and note that it references three Feral Hunters. Your first task is to inspect the corpse of the Feral Hunter you’ve just taken out, which triggers another circuit to crack.

After a short conversation with Anqa, the quest requires you to “find the purpose of the access codes.” Drop back down the lab area and tick off the “search the restricted lab area” requirement by proceeding through the Shaft using your SID.

All Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Access Codes Locations

After having done that, now you need to “Retrieve all three access codes.” Note that you already have one from the Feral Thanator you just killed. There are two more to find. The locations of these can vary since all the game is asking you to do is find Feral Hunters to take out. Therefore, you’ll want to take on any quest that features them.

We found our Bravo access code after taking on the Enemy of my Enemy quest. This tasks you with going after an RDA defector. During his dialog, he mentions a facility where they believed the Feral Thanator to be around 3km S to SW from where you find him.

The Charlie access code was found in the Great Plains area, but this might not be the same for you. What is recommended is to simply repeat the Severed Bonds quest. If you remember, this quest was activated the first time you took out a Feral Hunter, and it’s designed to be repeated. If you do that, you’ll typically get the last access code pretty quickly. From there, beating the Feral Hunter quest is straightforward since you’ll have ticked off the final requirement.

Feral Hunter Quest in Steps

Just so you’re crystal clear on the process, here are the steps to beat the quest:

  1. Locate the RDA Station: Use the interactive map to find the RDA station in the Clouded Forest area.
  2. Enter Research Station Alpha: Find the breakable vent on the south side, near the wall labeled A02, and enter.
  3. Navigate Inside: The path is linear. Destroy a fuse box to open a blocked hatch by shooting through a hole in the wall.
  4. Use the SID Tool: Hack the circuit channel with your SID tool to proceed.
  5. Find and Loot the Ammo Crate: Ensure you loot the ammo crate as you move forward.
  6. Proceed Through the New Hallway: Follow the glowing fauna to the end, break another vent, and drop down.
  7. Drop into the Lab Room: Continue until the floor breaks, dropping you into a lab. Collect ammo above before fixing the shaft door to exit.
  8. Ascend with the RDA Tool: Use the tool to reach the next level outside the lab.
  9. Hack More Circuits with SID: Deal with emerging Ferals after hacking.
  10. Initiate the Feral Hunter Quest: Inspect the Feral Hunter corpse to continue.
  11. Talk to Anqa and Investigate: After a brief conversation, search the restricted lab area by dropping back down.
  12. Retrieve Access Codes:
    • You already have one from the Feral Thanator.
    • Obtain the Bravo code from the “Enemy of my Enemy” quest, hinted during a conversation with an RDA defector.
    • Find the Charlie code in the Great Plains area or by repeating the “Severed Bonds” quest.

That wraps up this quest Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora walkthrough. Hopefully, having a handy reference proved useful as this one can be a bit tricky to figure out without guidance. For more on the game, be sure to check out our detailed overview of all resource locations in the game.