skull and bones deathmark notification

Image source: Ubisoft

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Ubisoft has finally delivered the pirate adventure that has been in the making for many years. Well, nearly. It’s in open beta right now, which means it’s no surprise that there’s an element of jank, and one or two bugs. One particularly annoying issue is the persistent Death Mark expired notification. This bug results in a continuous, repetitive alert that is a real pain in the ass. Here we’ll break down workarounds so you can work out how to get rid of the Death Mark expired notification in Skull and Bones.

Death Mark Expired Notification in Skull and Bones Issue, Explained

The Death Mark is a feature in Skull and Bones that appears as a red icon under your health bar, indicating that you’ve taken significant damage and are marked for death. While this can initially serve as a helpful warning, a bug causes the notification for an expired Death Mark to persist, repeating incessantly and disrupting gameplay.

Workarounds to Fix the Problem

Until an official patch addresses this issue, we’ve learned of several temporary solutions to (hopefully) silence the notification:

1. Mash the Space Bar

  • For PC Players: Ok, this might sound absurd, but hear us out. A simple but effective first step is to repeatedly press the space bar. This action can sometimes clear the notification, allowing you to continue your seafaring adventures without interruption.

2. Engage with In-Game Characters

  • Talk to NPCs: Interacting with any non-player character (NPC), whether a quest giver, vendor, or just an inhabitant of the world, can trigger the game to remove the expired Death Mark notification for some players. It’s worth trying to engage in dialogue with various characters across the islands and outposts.

3. Restart the Game

  • A Universal Solution: When all else fails, restarting “Skull and Bones” can offer a respite from the bug. Though it might be a temporary fix, it provides immediate relief from the constant notifications and allows players to start fresh.

That’s all we’ve got for you, I’m afraid. The consensus is that this issue is a bug likely to be fixed in an upcoming patch, especially with the game’s official release and early access phase on the horizon. Keep an eye on official channels for announcements regarding patches or updates that may resolve the Death Mark expired notification bug.

At least by trying the workarounds, you should be able to navigate around this annoyance until a permanent fix is implemented. It’s highly likely everything will be sorted for the game’s full launch later this month.