Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom in Diablo 4

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A fantastic fungi.

Are you wanting to know the location of a Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom in Diablo 4? Once players conclude the narrative portion of a specific act, they often transition to farming to amass additional Murmuring Obols and better gear.

But it’s actually worth ticking off side quests, too. Brought to Heel is one such quest. Lumir, an NPC situated at the Forsaken Coast, harbors a deep sense of grievance after being wronged by a Glin, propelling him to seek solace through the acquisition of a Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom. If you are prepared to undertake the challenging Brought to Heel quest, let’s explain where to find a Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom Location

Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom in Diablo 4

Upon embracing the challenge presented by the Brought to Heel quest at the Forsaken Coast, a solitary objective awaits: the procurement of a singular Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom. NPC Lumir will speak of the mushroom’s habitat lying beyond the confines of the city walls, guiding you through a series of quests that reveal the precise location to be explored.

From there, go north along the eastern shoreline of the Hawesar Sea, traversing toward the designated quest zone.

Upon arriving at the designated location for the growth of the Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom, you’ll find a large expanse. Swamps, small reservoirs, and desert terrain alternate throughout this territory. As a result, finding these mushrooms becomes a bit challenging. Lumir, the quest provider, is a bit vague with their information, alluding only to these mushrooms bearing a red hue. They’re very hard to spot, though.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to find them. Go towards the northern expanse of the designated search area, where a clearing resembling a vivid bloodstain will emerge. As you draw nearer, an informative tooltip will manifest, indicating the presence of the sought-after Nauseating Red Swamp Mushroom.

You only need one mushroom to beat the Brought to Heel quest in Diablo 4. Upon retrieving one, go back to Lumir, which will complete the quest. Your efforts shall be rewarded with XP and gold. Simultaneously, Lumir shall incorporate the mushrooms into Glin’s soup, thereby achieving his long-awaited retribution.


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