red and blue pill in type soul

Image source: Roblox Corp.

Decisions, decisions!

In Roblox’s Type Soul, players who go for the Soul Reaper path have to face a unique twist on the classic Red and Blue Pill concept (think Matrix!). These pills give you specific skill enhancements, which means understanding their individual uses and how to get them is important for your progression path. Let’s break everything down.

What Red & Blue Pills Do in Type Soul

Red Pill

The Red Pill in Type Soul is useful for Soul Reapers looking to boost their capabilities. When consumed, the red pill grants five skill points. These points are immediately available for use to enhance your character’s abilities. However, keep in mind that these skill points, once used, are permanent and cannot be refunded by any means, including the use of the Blue Pill.

Blue Pill

By comparison to the Type Soul Red Pill, the Blue Pill serves a different purpose. The Blue Pill allows players to reset and refund all skill points previously allocated. This is particularly useful when you wish to redo your character’s skill set or correct mistakes in skill allocation. Remember, the Blue Pill will not refund the skill points gained from Red Pills, so plan your skill upgrades carefully.

How to Get the Red and Blue Pills

To get your hands on the Blue Pill in Type Soul, you’ll need to use the special code. Here’s how:

  1. Open the code text box within the game.
  2. Type in the code doomatearoom and submit it.
  3. This code not only gives you the Blue Pill but may also include other rerolls or items.
  4. To access the Blue Pill, press ‘N’ to open your character’s menu, then navigate to the Items category where you’ll find the Locked Blue Pill.
  5. Select it and hit the ‘Equip’ button to use it.

Keep in mind that codes in Roblox Type Soul are time-sensitive. They expire after a while, and new codes are issued, so staying updated with the latest codes is essential.

Obtaining the Red Pill is a bit more involved and requires some gameplay progression:

  1. Progress in the game until you reach Grade 3 as a Shinigami.
  2. Join a Division, such as the Fifth Division, which will send you on missions to places like Karakura Town.
  3. During your missions, keep an eye out for a Merchant NPC, but he will only sell the Red Pill under specific conditions:
    • Your server must have recently experienced a Raid.
    • Your Division must have won that Raid.
  4. If these conditions are met, the Merchant will sell you the Red Pill for 8,000 Kan. If it’s not in stock, try switching servers and checking with the NPC again.

The Red and Blue Pills in Roblox Type Soul play important roles in enhancing your character’s skills and abilities. Whether boosting your power with the Red Pill or resetting your skills with the Blue Pill, you have a choice to make that determines your character’s progression path.