unlock all characters in Eiyuden Chronicle

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Gotta recruit em' all.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is shaping up to join our list of best RPGs to play this year. It not only boasts an epic storyline but also offers an extensive lineup of 120 characters to recruit. Each character brings unique abilities and expands your strategic options, making the recruitment process integral to maximizing your gameplay experience. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get all characters in Eiyuden Chronicle.

Unlocking All Characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Starting Characters

  • Nowa, Garr, Lian, Mio: These characters are available from the beginning of the game. Mio initially appears playable but will rejoin permanently after a key event in Nowa’s village.

Characters Recruited Through Specific Actions and Quests

  • Mellore: Travel to Eltisweiss and interact with her during a cutscene. Follow her quest to Redthroat Ridge, defeat the boss, and she will join your team.
  • Iugo: Find Iugo in the tavern on the east side of Eltisweiss and simply talk to him to recruit.
  • Yusuke: At Fort Xialuke, Yusuke is surrounded by guards. Choose the dialogue option “Welcome to the ranks” to add him to your roster.
  • Kuroto: Speak with Kuroto in Altverden Village and accept his quest to defeat three boars at Redthroat Ridge. This can be done while pursuing Mellore’s quest.
  • Francesca: Find her behind Kuroto’s recruitment spot, intervene in her heated exchange, and then invite her to join.
  • Kogen: After completing the Abandoned Mine, choose to be silent when deciding Kogen’s fate, leading to him joining after the siege of Eltisweiss.

Characters Unlocked Through Story Progression

  • Sabine, Ymir, Sumire, Cassandra, Yuthus, Zabi: These characters will automatically join during the Siege of Eltisweiss.
  • Gocteau, Iris, Caine: Unlock the headquarters post-siege and these characters will be part of your team.

Characters Unlocked Through Specific Quests and Locations

  • Martha: Found near the farm east of the headquarters, talk to her to recruit and unlock the HQ’s pasturage.
  • Kerrin: In Dappled Forest, collect 20 pieces of Lumber for her, unlocking the lumberyard at your headquarters.
  • Wyler and Marin: Complete Wyler’s quest at Bounty Hill. Marin enhances gathering yield, useful for material farming.
  • Gieran: In Greatwood (East), get the Rune of Conservation from the boss at Treefolk Village’s entrance and return it to Gieran.
  • Kallathor, Garoo, Marisa: These characters become playable during the Proving Grounds dungeon and later rejoin permanently as you progress in the story.

Additional Notable Recruits

  • Galdorf: Return to the Abandoned Mines with Palenight Mail from the Proving Grounds to recruit Galdorf.
  • Falward: In Altverden, he asks for 15 healing herbs to join.
  • Gigina, Glen: In Arenside, Gigina requires a simple talk to recruit, while Glen challenges you to a card game.
  • Pieter, Frida: Found in Werne, recruiting Pieter unlocks the farm and Frida unlocks the armor shop at your HQ.

Unique Recruitment Methods

  • Yume: First “big” character requiring two slots in your formation, found in Redthroat Ridge after meeting an old lady in Werne.
  • Hiro, Chron: These characters unlock the item/tool shop and achievement guild in your HQ respectively.
  • Squash: Obtain a Sparklestone from Phantombirds in Dappled Forest and return it to Treefolk Village to recruit Squash.
  • Carrie, Kurtz: Find Carrie multiple times in Hishahn for her to join, and give Kurtz a legendary dish recipe obtained from Treefolk Village.
  • Huang: Catch a wheel-eye bream at the fishing spot near Seaside Cavern to unlock fishing spots at your HQ.

By following these tips and exploring various locations thoroughly, you’ll have the full roster of characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes to choose from. Whether it’s through completing specific quests, engaging in battles, or making the right dialogue choices, recruiting gives you the completionist experience.