best type soul bankai build for theatre

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Smoke your opponents.

If you want success in Type Soul ranked battles then you’ll need a build that’s balanced, powerful, and versatile. Here we’re going to show you exactly that for a Theatre Bankai build that is absolutely crushing it right now. This build focuses on a mix of defense, damage, anti-heal capabilities, and clever use of skill boxes to outmaneuver and overpower opponents. Let’s dive into the components that make this build unbeatable.

Type Soul Theatre Bankai 1v1 Build

As a Soul Reaper, the ability to Red Pill twice enhances the build’s effectiveness, making a 50/15 distribution between Kendo and Speed highly advantageous. Here’s a full overview of the stats, skills, and moveset we’ve found is most effective:

Core Stats and Pills

  • Kendo: 50
  • Speed: 15

Essential Skills

  1. Eviscerate & Sonido Flow: Securing these through skill boxes is crucial. They synergize well, especially after landing a Theer C or Z, delivering significant damage.
  2. Flowing Pedals: A new Kendo move that, when followed up with Eviscerate, guarantees a hit due to its confirmative nature.
  3. Mortal Ties: Offers a potent anti-heal effect, rendering regeneration strategies ineffective against this build.

Theatre Bankai Moveset

  1. Kagon: Despite its wind-up time, setting it up correctly allows you to chain into various dashing moves, making it a versatile opener.
  2. Sumo: This move should be used from a distance due to its interruptibility and dodgeability.
  3. X Move (Teleport): Although it lacks confirmative hit stun, it’s excellent for closing distances.
  4. Counter: Arguably the most powerful aspect of the shikai, allowing for any move to be chained afterwards.

When entering Bankai:

  • Plague: Similar to the ink effect but with a damaging tick.
  • Final Play: A hyper armor move that deals significant damage, key for finishing opponents or turning the tide of battle.

How to Use Bankai Theatre Build in Ranked Battles

The best aspect of this build lies in its adaptability and the strategic use of moves based on opponent’s actions. For example, using Kagon effectively requires patience and timing, ensuring the opponent’s flash step is on cooldown. The counter move is sets up devastating combos that can quickly deplete an enemy’s health bar.

In Bankai, the Plague move becomes a cornerstone for pressure and damage over time, while Final Play serves as a powerful finisher or a means to break through defenses. So, keep these three things in mind when using the build in a 1v1 theare setting:

  • Adapt your strategy based on your opponent’s actions, utilizing your counter and teleport moves to maintain pressure and control the pace of the battle.
  • With moves like Kagon and Sumo, wait for the right moment to strike, ensuring your heavy-hitting moves can’t be easily dodged.
  • Get good with the counter move, which massively enhances your combat effectiveness, allowing you to turn defensive plays into offensive opportunities.

So there you have it. This theatre Bankai build should see you climbing the ranks in Type Soul. By balancing offense and defense, capitalizing on skill synergies, and employing strategic gameplay, you’ll find yourself overcoming opponents with ease. If you need an extra helping hand then do make sure to check out our monthly code article.