type soul full resurrection and partial

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Master your Hollow.

Are you unsure how to unlock Full Resurrection in Type Soul? We’re here to help! Getting the Arrancar ability, especially Full Resurrection, isn’t very clear and the requirements have slightly changed after the update. Here we’ll explain how you can get Full Res in Type Souls.

What Is Type Soul Full Resurrection?

In Type Soul, to master your Hollow form you have to unlock both Part Resurrection and Full Resurrection. Full Resurrection, similar to the Soul Eaters’ Bankai, doesn’t change your weapon but transforms you into your most powerful form, unlocking a new set of moves. Full Res comes in various forms:

  • Starrk Resurrection
  • Storm Resurrection
  • Slash Resurrection
  • Bone Resurrection
  • Acid Resurrection

How to Get Resurrection

Stage 1

Before diving into Full Res, you’ll need to get partial resurrection. Here’s how:

  1. Become Grade Level 2:
  2. Find the NPC:
    • Head to Hueco Mundo’s castle and search the rooms for the NPC. Their location varies, and upon finding them, you’ll initiate the Resurrection quest.
  3. Quest Item Hunt:
    • Post-NPC conversation, a quest item appears. Leaving the server resets the quest timer, so stay put or wait an hour for another shot. The item’s location within the castle is random, but rejoining and consulting the pink orb in the lab can guarantee its appearance.
  4. The Parkour Challenge:
    • With the item, go to Hueco Mundo’s map and beat the parkour section. Success here gives you your Resurrection status.

Now you need to get Elite Grade. To do this, complete 15-20 Raids. Just do your hometown Raids as this is way easier and faster. Yes, you can still do ranked play to achieve this, but it takes longer.

Stage 2

This part is quite simple; there are three steps:

  1. Get 100 Hollow Kills, and 15 Elite Grips. You can keep track of your progress by chatting with NPCs in Karakura Town’s storage buildings.
  2. Get 1 Bawawa Kills.
  3. Go Kill 20 Elite Players.

Stage 3

  1. Go to Los Notches Maze:
    • Meditate at Menos Pit until you find your way to Los Notches Maze.
  2. Finding Your Hollow:
    • Within the maze, locate your correct Hollow to unlock Full Resurrection. If unsuccessful, a 10-minute wait time or gripping a few players from different races allows for another attempt.

Getting Partial and Full Resurrection in Type Soul is a grind that will take time. At least with this guide, you’ll know exactly what’s required; but now it’s basically up to you to put in the hours. If you’re looking for some further help then check out our article on the latest codes.