best clans in type soul

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Choose wisely.

Anime fans of Bleach will appreciate that Type Soul has some pretty deep RPG mechanics that include a clan system. With 15 different clans to choose from, each offers unique buffs and advantages. But which do you join? Well, our Type Soul clan tier list for April 2024 guides you through the best clans to join for that extra edge in your battles. We’re organizing them into tiers and providing some reasons why some are better than others.

Best Clans in Type Soul

S-Tier Clans

Starting with the very best, the S-Tier clans are Valkyrie, Kurosaki, and Cifer. Not only do they offer some of the best stats, but the benefits they bring to the table can massively tilt battles in your favor. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Valkyrie: Offers a solid +15 to Postures and Heal Points, not to mention a 1.25x boost to Vollstandig duration.
  • Kurosaki: Boosts your Rei by +20, adds +5 to Postures, and extends Bankai duration by 1.25x.
  • Cifer: Matches Kurosaki’s +20 Rei boost, throws in +15 Heal Points, and also increases Res duration by 1.25x.

A-Tier Clans

Not far behind, A-tier clans are still a fantastic choice offering great benefits. These include Le Vaar, Yamamoto, Parnkgjas, B, and Starrk. Their perks make them highly sought after:

  • Le Vaar shines with +25 Rei, +15 Postures, and +20 Heal Points.
  • Yamamoto provides a balanced boost with +20 Rei and +20 Heal Points.
  • Parnkgjas is unique, giving +2.5 Rei per hit and +20 Heal Points.
  • B focuses on sustainability with +10 Heal Points and a 10% boost to Reiatsu regen.
  • Starrk is all about balance, offering +15 Postures, +1.5 Rei per hit, and +15 Heal Points.

B-Tier Clans

If you find yourself in a B-tier clan, you’re still in good company. These clans, which include Odelschwanck, Jaegerjaquez, Hyosube, and Zaraki, offer a mix of benefits that can support various playstyles:

  • Both Odelschwanck and Jaegerjaquez focus on Postures and Heal Points, with Odelschwanck also giving a nice Rei boost.
  • Hyosube and Zaraki are similar, offering passive posture regen among other benefits.

C-Tier Clans

Lastly, C-tier clans like Louisenbairn, Du, and Shutara might not seem as glamorous, but they can be a good starting point for newcomers. They provide basic boosts to Rei, Postures, and Heal Points that can help you get settled in the game.

This tier list should give you a clear idea of what the best clans are in Type Soul for April 2024. Whether you’re looking for the absolute best in terms of combat advantage or something more suited to beginners, Type Soul has a clan for you. If you need more help mastering the game then check out our monthly codes article.