Image source: Bethesda

Heavy investments.

Starfield’s concurrent numbers might have dropped like a stone over on SteamCharts, but developer Bethesda has absolutely no intention of discontinuing support. It turns out there’s a team of 250 strong still working on the game, with DLC on the way soon.

The news comes by way of an interview with Wired, featuring Bethesda’s director Todd Howard, who revealed that out of the 450 total employees at Bethesda Game Studios, 250 are dedicated to working on Starfield.

“You’re talking to me, but there’s 450 people here. We still have people that work on [Fallout] 76, we have about 250 on Starfield,” Howard said.

Looking ahead, he then hinted at an extensive roadmap for Starfield, including “a lot of add-on content” of various sizes. Although the specifics remain under wraps, the first expansion, titled “Shattered Space,” is on the horizon. The release date for this expansion is yet to be announced. Additionally, “Starfield” is expected to receive full mod support by 2024, further extending the game’s potential for growth and community engagement.

Howard has previously stated that he believes Starfield will be played “for a long time.”

Despite the heavy focus on Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios is also progressing with “The Elder Scrolls 6.” This fantasy RPG has recently entered full production, marking a significant phase in its development cycle. That being said, we already know it likely “won’t release for years.