Ark Ascended vs. Ark 2

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Server woes.

While it had a few niggles at launch, ARK Survival Ascended has since proven a solid remaster of Evolved. It isn’t without its performance issues though. One common problem for those using Nitrado servers is the Nitrado server not showing up in the in-game queue. Here we’ll explain various troubleshooting steps that should help you fix that.

Before delving into the solutions, it’s worth highlighting the issue so we’re on the sam page. ARK and Steam server lists have a limit of around 4,500 servers. Therefore, if your Nitrado ARK server doesn’t appear in these lists, it could simply be due to the server limit.

That said, there are several other possible causes, so let’s break it all down.

Fixing ARK Survival Ascended Nitrado Server Not Showing

Checking the Server Status

Before proceeding, first check if your server is online. You can do this by searching for your server name on toparkservers in both online and offline server options. If it’s online, you can join the server from this site.

Changing the Game Client Screen

Once you’ve created a survivor, you can change the option in the lower left of the game client screen from ‘official’ to ‘my survivors’. The screen should refresh and show your server. However, do note that this will also show any other survivors you have on any other server.

Allowing Time for Server Refresh

If you’ve created your survivor and it’s not showing, please allow about 2-3 minutes for the server to refresh and show itself in the queue. This is particularly important if the server is restarting for an update.

Using Steam’s Server List

If your server still doesn’t appear, you can add it to your Steam favorites using the port XX (add +1 eg: 27015 -> 27016) and connect to the server from there.

Checking Server Filters

Make sure you are using the correct tabs from the bottom left. If you’re stuck on the friends tab and you have no friends who play the game, you’ll see no servers. Also, if you have password-protected ticked, you may not see any or many servers.

Using Battlemetrics

If you still can’t find your server, you can use a site like Here, you can search for a server (use filters if needed) that you want to play.

Once you’re on the server listing page (even if blank) and click a server’s “connect” button on battlemetrics, it should load you into the game.

Testing Server Connection

If you’ve not played on any servers, test this method by choosing an official server to see if it works. Unofficial servers that use mods will have you download the mod(s), which can take a long time and require many reconnects, so it’s better to use official servers as a control in this test.

Using Steam’s Menu

If you cannot connect to one of the servers in this method, copy the server’s IP address and Port from the server’s page in battlemetrics. Then, go into Steam’s menu and select View, then click Servers. Click the tab for “Favorites”, then at the bottom click “Add server” and put in the server’s IP and port.

Checking Your Internet Access

If you still cannot connect to the servers, you may have something (router, virus protector, internet provider) blocking your access to servers. You will then need to check on each of these to see.

While the whole ARK Survival Ascended Nitrado server not showing up issue is annoying, hopefully, these steps helped you troubleshoot and fix the issue.