dead space future on hold

Image source: EA

It looks as though we won’t be getting another entry in the Dead Space series indefinitely. Recent reports suggest that EA Motive had ambitions to further expand the series with a new game entry, but that’s all since been put on ice. Poor sales of the Dead Space Remake, released last January, put a firm halt on development. EA has since made strategic shifts within the studio.

After exploring initial concepts for both a Dead Space 2 remake and a brand new installment, Motive’s projects were reportedly shelved last spring. This decision aligns with reports from both Bloomberg, which highlighted the halted progress due to financial underperformance. EA has publicly denied these claims, stating that there is “no validity to this story,” yet they have not specified which aspects of the reports were incorrect.

In response to the changing dynamics, EA announced this week that Motive will now contribute to the Battlefield franchise. Motive is set to collaborate with other EA studios such as DICE, Criterion, and Ripple Effect, focusing on creating a comprehensive Battlefield universe that spans both multiplayer and single-player experiences. This marks a significant pivot from Motive’s previous focus on narrative-driven single-player games like Dead Space and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Additionally, Motive is not stepping away from high-profile projects altogether, as they continue to work on an Iron Man game, which remains in active development. The redirection of resources towards Battlefield and other major titles suggests EA’s strategic realignment to prioritize franchises with broader appeal and revenue potential.

Despite the shift, the future of the Dead Space series remains uncertain. While the current plans for Dead Space 2 have been paused, this does not necessarily spell the end for the franchise. The series holds a significant place in gaming history and has a dedicated fan base eager for more terrifying space adventures. Whether Dead Space will return under EA’s banner or eventually find new life through other means remains a topic of speculation and hope among gamers.