how to beat skyclops

Image source: FAIRLIGHT

Taking out the biblical beast.

Skyclops resembles a biblically accurate angel, but beating him it no heaven-sent task. That’s because you’re not just fighting a single enemy but all the allies it summons during the fight as well. Here we’ll explain what we think is the best way to beat Skyclops in AFK Journey and which team composition you should go for.

Beating Skyclops in AFK Journey

Skyclops possesses a range of skills including a powerful Laser Beam attack, the ability to summon Wings of Light and Darkness, and a buff that enhances its damage based on the number of summoned wings on the field. These abilities require a nuanced approach to effectively counter and overcome.

Best Team Comp

The key to defeating Skyclops lies is getting the team comp right. You want one that can both withstand its attacks while dealing significant damage. While there’s flexibility in team composition, certain heroes are better suited for this encounter:

  • Tank Heroes: Choose heroes who can sustain heavy damage and protect the rest of the team. Smokey & Meerky are ideal for their dual role as tank and healer, but alternatives like Thoran or Kruger can also be effective.
  • Damage Dealers (DPS): Prioritize characters who can deliver high sustained damage. Odie, Marilee, and Korin are excellent choices for their ability to target both Skyclops and its minions.
  • Support Heroes: Heroes like Smokey & Meerky, who also provide buffs and healing, are invaluable. Their ability to enhance the team’s overall performance while ensuring survivability cannot be overstated.

Combat Strategy

Quickly dealing with Skyclops’ summoned minions is really important. If you don’t, you’ll not only fail to divert attention from the main target but also risk running out of time. DPS heroes with area of effect (AoE) abilities or those capable of dealing true damage are particularly useful here.

Skyclops’ ultimate attack can wipe your team out quickly if you aren’t on the ball. Positioning and having a healer on hand to quickly recover from this devastating attack are key to surviving it.

Pay close attention to the Wings of Light and Darkness. Each type provides Skyclops with immunity to certain kinds of damage, so adjust your focus accordingly to exploit its temporary vulnerabilities.

Utilize the Starshard Spell for maximizing damage output, especially if your team can consistently deal damage to Skyclops. In situations where survivability is a concern, the Awakening Spell artifact provides a significant boost to your team’s endurance, ensuring that they last longer in the fray.

That wraps up how to beat Skyclops in AFK Journey using our preferred team composition.