best solo leveling arise stat allocation

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Main character energy.

By getting the most out of Sung Jinwoo and his team, navigating through Gates and accomplishing missions becomes much easier. Here we’ll guide you through what we believe are the best Sung Jinwoo stats in Solo Leveling ARISE and how to distribute them as you level up.

Solo Leveling ARISE Best Sung Jinwoo Stats Guide

Following the Double Dungeon event, our charismatic protagonist is keen to demonstrate his worth. Every time Sung Jinwoo levels up, he is awarded 5 attribute points (AP). These points can be distributed among his stats through the Stats section on his character page.

The optimal stats for Sung Jinwoo vary based on your tactical approach. That said, Sung is best in a frontline DPS role. With this role in mind, here is our recommendation for stat prioritization for the Monarch of Shadows:

  • Strength: Essential. High strength ensures reliable DPS even during skill cooldowns.
  • Perception: Essential. Enhances precision, thus increasing the maximum damage potential.
  • Agility: Moderate. Influences Critical Hit Rate and Critical Damage, with importance varying based on weapon choice.
  • Intelligence: Low. MP capacity is less critical for Sung, as opposed to healers or mages. Reduced cooldowns are beneficial but not critical.
  • Vitality: Low. Focusing on HP and Defense is less efficient than maximizing DPS to swiftly eliminate threats.

As you can see above, Vitality and Intelligence stat investment should more or less be avoided completely. Vitality, which boosts defense and HP, seems initially useful but is ultimately ineffective in a game where players often face overwhelming combat scenarios that can lead to being defeated in one hit. The game prioritizes agility and outputting high damage, as battles are time-sensitive, making the ability to evade and deal significant damage more valuable.

Intelligence increases your MP and provides cooldown reductions for abilities. However, the benefits of Intelligence aren’t enough to justify investment, especially when compared to the advantages of increasing damage output.

Aiming for a Perception score between 80% to 99% is a good strategy as it massively enhances your damage output in the advanced stages of the game. The most effective strategy to achieve this is by equipping one SSR weapon in your primary slot and pairing it with the highest-advanced SR weapon you have in the secondary slot. This combination maximizes precision, offering a substantial boost to your overall damage capabilities.

Opting for a build with elevated Agility and Perception, sacrificing other stats, facilitates a trade-off between regular attack power and the frequency and impact of critical hits. Utilizing the Demonic Plum Flower Sword can make critical-focused builds particularly effective for Sung.

Best Sung Jinwoo DPS Weapon

Best Sung Jinwoo DPS Weapon

Speaking of which, the Demonic Plum Flower Sword is easily the best Sung Jinwoo weapon thanks to its awesome Crit Rate and Crit Damage. These massively amplify his DPS capabilities, which leans nicely into the distribution of stat points primarily into Strength and Perception.

We recommend equipping the Demonic Plum Flower Sword with a ratio of 4:1 between Strength and Agility.

That wraps up our guide on the best stat allocation for Sung Jinwoo in Solo Leveling ARISE.