Hogwarts Legacy title screen

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Tick, tock.

Hogwarts Castle is brimming with secrets, some more obtuse to uncover than others. The Clock Tower Doors can be a little perplexing to understand at first, but they’re actually fairly simple once you click with the pattern. Here we’ll explain how to open the clock tower doors in Hogwarts Legacy and score the loot hidden behind them.

Overview of the Clock Tower Doors Puzzle

The Hogwarts Legacy game presents players with all sorts of puzzles to solve within the depths of the castle itself, including The Clock Tower Doors. This involves four peculiar doors in the Clock Tower, which you can identify by the symbols on the door (shown above):

  1. Mantis Door
  2. Goblet Door
  3. Owl Door
  4. Unicorn Door

These doors aren’t accessible through brute strength or the Alohomora spell. Instead, you’ll need to complete a combination of progressing the narrative, and then learning and using specific spells. The spells in question are Arresto Momentum and Glacius. These are pivotal and need to be acquired as the game progresses. They are paramount in granting access to the Clock Tower Doors.

  • The Arresto Momentum spell slows down an object or enemy’s movements. It is earned by completing Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2.
  • The Glacius spell allows you to freeze the pendulum target. When trying to unlock the doors, it is advisable to prioritize the use of Glacius as it affords additional time to reach the doors.

The Clock Tower Pendulum

The solution to the Clock Tower Doors puzzle lies in leveraging the large pendulum in the Clock Tower. The pendulum swings from side to side, and observing its movement is the first step to understanding the puzzle. You should notice four round emblems corresponding to the images on the doors. Here’s what you want to do:

  1. Cast Arresto Momentum or Glacius to freeze the pendulum in front of one of the emblems.
  2. Run to the corresponding Clock Tower Door and open it.
  3. Ascend the steps to the next door and repeat the process.

It’s worth noting that Arresto Momentum has a shorter duration, necessitating swift movement towards the doors.

All Clock Tower Door Locations & Rewards

  • Mantis Door: Located in the stairwell, it does not have an easy view of the pendulum. Freeze the pendulum before heading back to the door.
  • Goblet Door: Situated on the floor above the Owl door, it is accessible from the pendulum, making it easy to cast a spell. Once open, a collectible chest is earned.
  • Owl Door: Ensure you’re equipped with an invisibility potion or a Disillusionment spell due to the eyeball chests inside the room. It’s accessible from the stairs behind the locked door on the first floor.
  • Unicorn Door: Positioned in the right-hand corner of the main clock tower room as you face the pendulum. Inside, there are two lootable chests.

Besides the individual rewards, opening all four doors completes one of the three Hogwarts Legacy secrets buried amongst the Field Guide pages.

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