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No matter your level of familiarity with previous Bethesda titles, you’ll quickly discover that Starfield has a lot more mechanics and systems to learn. Not to mention, there’s a bunch of lingo and terminology that often aren’t given proper tutorials. That includes the meaning of GRV and why it’s important in ship combat. In this guide, we’ll explain what GRV is in Starfield, and how to use it.

What is GRV in Starfield, and How Does it Work?

Image source: Bethesda

GRV stands for Gravity in Starfield, and it plays a vital role in the functionality of spacecraft through its connection to the Grav Drive. While the game doesn’t provide extensive explanations for its systems, understanding how GRV operates is essential, especially when it comes to exploring space and targeting enemy ships in interstellar combat. Your Grav Drive is the key to interstellar travel, and you’ll notice that your ship is equipped with a GRV drive, indicating the amount of power available to your Grav Drive. While all ships are capable of jumping to other star systems, the amount of power you allocate to this system determines how quickly it charges.

Is the Grav Drive Important?

The Grav Drive is undeniably one of the most critical systems for several reasons. Firstly, it enables you to traverse the cosmos. If you have your sights set on visiting distant star systems, you’ll rely heavily on your Grav Drive. Conversely, it serves as your means of escape during combat. If you’re ever outnumbered or outgunned, the Grav Drive becomes your lifeline. By allocating more power to it, you can expedite its charge, allowing for a swift getaway.

The same principle applies when dealing with adversaries. During combat, you have the option to disable an enemy’s Grav Drive. This knowledge is invaluable for preventing foes from fleeing, thereby affording you the opportunity to board their vessel. For those who dabble in space piracy, disabling an enemy’s Grav Drive is a prerequisite for boarding, and the potential rewards for doing so can be substantial.

To recap, the GRV in Starfield is used for:

  • Your means of interstellar travel
  • An escape tool when overwhelmed in combat

When the GRV is important:

  • GRV points should be allocated to quickly jump between worlds
  • Disable an enemy ship’s GRV to board

And there you have it—a comprehensive overview of everything related to GRV and Grav Drives in Starfield. Spacefaring is a perilous endeavor, and adequate preparation is essential before embarking on journeys to distant stars. Keep a keen eye on your enemies’ GRV icons to determine when you can board their ships, and also, remain vigilant regarding your own ship’s systems during combat.


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Starfield is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC, inviting you to embark on a thrilling interstellar adventure filled with intrigue and danger.