scrap and dismantle junk items to craft in starfield

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Bad news.

In the vast expanse of Starfield, managing your inventory is crucial to your survival. Carrying too much can lead to your O2 levels draining and CO2 levels rising, making exploration a daunting task. To alleviate this burden, you’ll obviously want to drop the items. But can you scrap and dismantle junk items in Starfield? Here’s what you need to know.

Scrapping & Dismantling Junk in Starfield Explained

Okay, let’s cut to the bad news. In Starfield, there isn’t the same option to break items down into their separate parts as in previous Bethesda games. You cannot scrap or dismantle items in Starfield to harvest materials. Instead, your only option is to remove unwanted items from your inventory. These items are essentially discarded, making space for more valuable loot and resources. As a reminder, to drop items follow these steps:

  1. Access Your Inventory: Open your inventory menu by using the appropriate button on your gaming platform. On an Xbox controller, press the X button, while on a keyboard, press the R key.
  2. Select Items to Scrap: Navigate through your inventory and highlight the items you want to get rid of. These are typically junk items or things you no longer need.
  3. Drop the Items: Once you’ve selected the items you wish to scrap, exit the inventory menu. Your chosen items will be dropped on the floor in front of you.

Finding Junk Items

Now, while you can’t scrap and dismantle items in a traditional sense, you can at least repurpose junk for crafting. Be diligent in your scavenging, as junk can often be repurposed for crafting and resource gathering. Junk items can be found scattered throughout Starfield. You’ll encounter them during your travels on different planets and, interestingly, even on your spaceship if you take the time to explore.

Crafting Items in Starfield

Now that you’ve made room in your inventory by scrapping unwanted items, you can use these resources to craft new items in the Research Laboratory. Follow these steps to craft items:

  1. Visit the Research Laboratory: Locate the Research Laboratory within your spaceship or wherever it’s accessible in the game.
  2. Select Research Projects: Inside the Research Laboratory, you’ll find various research projects to complete. Some may be locked behind skill requirements, but available projects will be displayed.
  3. Check Material Requirements: Examine the material requirements for the project you wish to undertake. This information is typically displayed at the bottom of the project description.
  4. Dismantle Junk Items: Now that you know the materials needed for your chosen project, you can start dismantling the junk items you’ve collected earlier. These resources will be used to craft your desired item.
  5. Progress and Skills: Pay attention to the top of the Research Projects window, as it lists any skills or prerequisites needed for certain projects. Additionally, you can monitor your project’s progress once you’ve started it.
  6. Start Crafting: Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials and met any skill requirements, press the A button on your Xbox controller or the E key on your keyboard to initiate the crafting process.

As you embark on your interstellar adventures in Starfield, efficient inventory management and crafting will be crucial to your success. By scrapping junk items and using their components for crafting, you’ll be well-equipped to explore the universe and tackle the challenges that await.

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Starfield is set to launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6 (unless you pre-ordered the Premium Edition), so get ready to embark on an epic space journey across the cosmos.