Starfield character in space suit

Image source: Bethesda

The more you know...

Those eagerly awaiting the launch of Starfield’s Early Access later this summer can look forward to an information dump at Gamescom. As it turns out, Xbox and Bethesda are gearing up for their much-anticipated return to the tradeshow, and it will make its on-stage presence just weeks before Starfield becomes available.

Starfield Details to Come at Gamescome 2023

The official organizer of the renowned German event announced on Twitter that Xbox and Bethesda will indeed be gracing the show floor. The studio has an impressive lineup of major games scheduled for release around the time of Gamescom in late August.

Starfield made a recent appearance during a dedicated showcase back in June, allowing fans to feast their eyes on an array of exciting gameplay features and the confirmation of an expansion. Notably, the return of the Adoring Fan, a beloved character among some, garnered mixed reactions. However, the overall reception was overwhelmingly positive, intensifying the already sky-high levels of hype as the release date draws near.

Meanwhile, intriguing details about Starfield emerged in the midst of Microsoft’s legal disputes with the FTC over the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Fearing that PlayStation might secure exclusive rights to Starfield, Xbox opted to acquire the renowned developer, Bethesda. These developments, along with the contrasting rules surrounding exclusivity for Call of Duty and Starfield, have not gone unnoticed by industry observers.

Elsewhere, racing fans can look forward to Forza Motorsport, set to be released on October 10 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s safe to say that gamers are eagerly hoping for a glimpse of both titles to tide them over until their respective launch dates.


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Gamescom is set to kick off on August 23 and will run for four action-packed days, offering gamers an unforgettable experience filled with exciting announcements and thrilling showcases.