FF16 main character wallpaper

Image source: Square Enix

No more dizziness.

Square Enix has launched the latest patch for its acclaimed action-RPG, Final Fantasy 16. The new update doesn’t make major changes, but it does offer players the option to adjust motion blur settings. That should come as a relief to those who find the feature nauseating. Here are the full patch notes.

Final Fantasy 16 Patch 1.06 Notes

This Final Fantasy 16 update fixes some issues and adds some new functionality. We recommend that you install this update before playing the game.

This update:

  • Adds the following items to the System tab of the Main Menu:
    • Motion Blur Strength – Allows the player to adjust the strength of the motion blur effect when the character or camera is in motion. The default setting is the maximum of 5. This can be lowered to reduce the strength of the motion blur effect, or set to 0 to turn it off completely.
    • Player Follow (Movement)
    • Player Follow (Attack) – Turning these settings off prevents the camera from automatically following the player while moving and attacking respectively.
  • Changes the maximum setting of the Camera Sensitivity (Horizontal) and Camera Sensitivity (Vertical) items from 10 to 20.
  • Adds three new controller layouts: types D, E, and F.
  • Corrects an issue that affected the stability of some menus.
  • Corrects some text issues.
  • Adds the hashtag #FF16 when sharing screenshots or video clips on Twitter or YouTube.


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That wraps up the update patch notes for Final Fantasy 16. You can check out more coverage of the game on We Game Daily.