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If you’re playing Starfield on PC, you can enhance your experience with cheats that take the legwork out of grinding. There are a few ways to cheat in Starfield, either using console commands or downloading and installing a cheat engine or trainer. Here we’ll break down all Starfield cheats, console commands, and how to use them.

How to Get Infinite Credits Cheat in Starfield

Since infinite credit seems to be the most sought-after cheat in Starfield, we’ll address it right off the bat. There’s no need to use a cheat engine for credits as you can easily use the game’s built-in console. With a simple command, you can acquire as many credits as you want (although this will disable achievements).

To get infinite credits using the console, follow these steps:

  1. Open the console by pressing the [~] key.
  2. In the console, type in the following command: player.additem 0000000f [credits].

For example, if you wanted to add 10,000 credits to your character, you would input the following command: player.additem 0000000f 10000.

  1. Press Enter to execute the command.

All Starfield Console Command IDs

Apart from obtaining infinite credits, there are several other useful console commands in Starfield. These range from activating god mode and no-clip to commands that allow you to get any in-game item or move at maximum speed regardless of weight.

Here’s a list of all Starfield console command IDs:

  • tgm: Toggle God Mode – Activate invincibility and unlimited ammo.
  • player.setav carryweight (carryweight number): Adjust carry weight capacity.
  • additem (Item ID) (Value): Add specific items to your inventory.
  • tim: Toggle Immortal Mode – Take damage but never reach 0 health.
  • psb: Player Spellbook – Unlock all available powers.
  • ToggleImmortalMode: Toggle Immortal mode – Health, O2, and Magic can decrease but never reach 0.
  • player.removeperk (Perk ID): Remove Skills, Traits, or Backgrounds.
  • player.addperk (Perk ID): Add Skills, Traits, or Backgrounds.
  • tdetect: Toggle Detect – Become undetectable by NPCs.
  • tcai: Toggle Combat AI – Disable AI targeting you.
  • tcl: Toggle No Clip – Enable character collision bypass.
  • tm: Toggle Menus – Switch UI menus on and off.
  • tfc: Toggle Freefly Camera – Detach the camera from the player, granting free movement.
  • (Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID): Attach Weapon Mods to a reference weapon.
  • (Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID): Remove Attached Weapon Mods from a reference weapon.
  • killall: Kill All NPCs – Eliminate all NPCs in the vicinity.
  • kah: Kill All Hostiles – Eliminate all hostile NPCs nearby.
  • resurrect: Resurrect NPC – Revive the selected NPC.
  • unlock: Unlock Doors and Containers – Open the targeted door or container.
  • sexchange: Change your character’s gender.
  • showmenu sleepwaitmenu: Display the sleep/wait menu without requiring a bed or chair.
  • player.setlevel (Value): Increase Character Level to the specified value.
  • player.additem (Item ID) (Value): Acquire the specified item in your inventory.
  • player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value): Summon the specified item in front of your character.
  • player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID): Settle any outstanding Bounties for a given Faction.
  • showlooksmenu player 1: Access the Character Creator menu.
  • saq: Start All Quests – Initiate all main and side quests.
  • caqs: Complete Main Quests – Successfully finish all main story quests.
  • ShowHighMaxHeights (shmh): Reveal or conceal high-resolution max height data.
  • EnableStoryManagerLogging: Enable logging for the story manager.
  • DumpPapyrusStacks (dps): Export all Papyrus stack information to the log.
  • DumpPapyrusTimers: Record all Papyrus timer registrations to the log.
  • DumpPapyrusLOSEvents: Document all Papyrus LOS event registrations to the log.
  • DumpPapyrusDistanceEvents: Catalog all Papyrus distance event registrations to the log.
  • DumpPapyrusPersistenceInfo (dppi): Dump comprehensive data about Papyrus persistence for the specified reference.
  • DumpPapyrusEventRegistrations: Retrieve all Papyrus event registrations for the designated object (and script).

Remember, using console commands in Starfield disables achievements for the remainder of the gameplay. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use these commands in your game or if you prefer to play without utilizing the console.

Using Starfield Cheat Engine with Cheat Tables

Cheat Engine is a versatile tool that allows you to apply cheats and modifications to your games. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Cheat Engine with Starfield:

  1. Download Cheat Engine: First, you’ll need to download Cheat Engine from the official website (
  2. Get a Cheat Table: To make the process easier, you can download a Cheat Table specific to Starfield. Our go-to for a cheat table is the FearLess forums.
  3. Install Cheat Engine: Once downloaded, install Cheat Engine on your computer.
  4. Load the Cheat Table: Launch Cheat Engine and load the Cheat Table you downloaded earlier from within the program.
  5. Start Starfield: Start the Starfield game.
  6. Activate Cheats: With both Cheat Engine and Starfield running, you’ll now have the option to use various cheats such as No Injury Status, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Oxygen, Infinite Weapon Energy, No Reload, Infinite Health, and Easy Kills. Please note that the last two cheats on the list might still be a work in progress.

Using Trainers with WeMod

Trainers are similar to Cheat Engine but come in the form of standalone software. Here’s how to use trainers with Starfield, using the WeMod trainer as a safe and reliable choice:

  1. Visit WeMod: Go to the WeMod website ( to download the WeMod program.
  2. Install WeMod: Install WeMod on your computer.
  3. Launch WeMod: Launch the WeMod program.
  4. Connect with Starfield: WeMod will attempt to recognize and connect with Starfield. It will identify certain strings and code within the game to enable cheating options.

And that wraps it up. With a Cheat Engine, console commands, or trainers, you can enjoy your Starfield adventure with added convenience and fun. Sure, using them isn’t necessarily in line with the developer’s intended vision, but they allow you to experiment and tailor your space journey to your liking.