I'm in love with my car quest bug

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Where's my spawn!

CDPR has transformed Cyberpunk 2077 from a buggy mess to a magnum opus, but it still has its issues. The recently added “I’m in Love with My Car” quest offers players a cool new car as a reward, but many have encountered bugs preventing them from getting it. This guide provides troubleshooting steps to help you fix the “I’m in Love With My Car” quest bug in Cyberpunk 2077.

“I’m in Love With My Car” Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Bug, Explained

Before attempting any fixes, it’s crucial to confirm whether you’re indeed facing a bug with the “I’m in Love With My Car” quest. Here are some signs that indicate a bug:

  • You have completed the Delamain cab mission that triggers the appearance of the Type 66 “Hoon” vehicle but didn’t receive a quest prompt to investigate it.
  • You’ve explored the barn where the car is supposed to be but found no trace of the Type 66 “Hoon.”
  • The car is in the barn, but there’s no key and the spawn location of the key is empty (the box that is behind the trash with the tipped-over shelves nearby).

If one of those sounds familiar then you’ve likely run into the glitch. Fixing it requires some trial and error, but there are a few methods that we’ve found work — this is based on both our experience and research from the community.

How to Fix I’m in Love With My Car” Quest Bug

If you’ve identified the bug and want to resolve it to experience the quest, follow these steps to try and spawn either the keys to the car or the car itself:

Check Street Cred and Meet Takemura in “Playing for Time”

Before troubleshooting to the extent that we have to take you out of your current save/location, two factors often help the quest, car, or car key properly trigger:

  • Ensure your character’s Street Cred is at least level 30, as some users have reported that the car did not spawn until reaching this level. Others have said it didn’t trigger until much higher.
  • Try waiting until you meet Takemura at Tom’s Diner if you haven’t already. For some players, this interaction appears to be a trigger for the “I’m in Love With My Car” quests various faults. This interaction is part of the quest “Playing for Time.”

Teleport and Revisit

Try teleporting away from the location and then returning. Sometimes, reloading the area can help spawn the missing car and trash pile. Save your game, exit, and log back in before returning to the quest location.

Load an Earlier Save

Ok, time to take more drastic action if the above didn’t work. If you suspect the bug is due to your current game progress, try loading a save file from a point just before or during the Delamain cab mission where you first encountered the barn with the Type 66 “Hoon.”

Verify Game Files (PC)

If you’re playing on PC, you can verify the integrity of your game files using the platform you purchased the game from (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, etc.). This process can identify and repair corrupted or missing files.

Hopefully, this resolved the “I’m in Love With My Car” quest bug in Cyberpunk 2077. We have a bunch more content covering the game since its latest 2.1 Update; if you like cars, then we have a best cars in the game list.