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Spicy stuff.

In Pokemon Violet and Scarlet, one of the core gameplay mechanics revolves around cooking. Preparing various meals can provide significant stat boosts, making late-game challenges more manageable. Curry Powder is a crucial cooking ingredient required for crafting powerful sandwiches that grant temporary buffs. This guide will help you locate and get Curry Powder in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet.

How to Get Curry Powder in Pokemon Violet

Before you can acquire Curry Powder, you need to make progress in the game by collecting Gym Badges. The Aquiesta Supermarket in Levincia, the only place to purchase Curry Powder, will only sell it once you’ve earned seven out of eight Gym Badges in Paldea. Therefore, focus on defeating Gym Leaders and advancing in the main storyline to unlock this valuable ingredient.

Levincia is where to find curry powder in pokemon violet and scarlet

Levincia is a coastal city located to the west of the starting city, Mesagoza. To reach Levincia, follow these steps:

  • Begin your journey westward from Mesagoza.
  • Traverse through the mountainous badlands of the South Province (Area Three).
  • Continue northeast through Artazon and the East Province (Area One).
  • Eventually, your path will lead you westward and across a river into the East Province (Area Two).
  • Keep progressing until you reach the south entrance of Levincia.

Once you arrive in Levincia, make your way to the Aquiesta Supermarket, the exclusive source of Curry Powder in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The supermarket is situated on the second street south of the Levincia (North) Pokécenter.

Inside the Aquiesta Supermarket, you can purchase Curry Powder. Be prepared to spend ₽450 per stack of Curry Powder. While it may seem expensive, this investment is essential for your journey, as Curry Powder is a key ingredient for crafting powerful sandwiches.

With your newly acquired Curry Powder, you can now create sandwiches like Curry-and-Noodle Sandwich, Great Curry, Noodle Sandwich, and Great Classic Bocadillo. Each of these sandwiches offers unique meal powers that can provide valuable advantages in various in-game situations.

So there you have it. Curry Powder is a valuable cooking ingredient in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet, allowing you to craft potent sandwiches. It will prove useful when playing through both the main games and its recent DLC.