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System error.

We’re really enjoying Palworld at the moment, but not everyone is having so much fun. One issue that has recently reared its ugly head is the so-called Session Search Error. It’s causing a lot of people problems, but don’t despair just yet. This guide will walk you through what the Palworld Session Search Error is and some troubleshooting methods to get you back exploiting fluffy creatures in no time.

The Session Search Error, Explained

Before we dive into potential solutions, let’s take a look at the error is. The Palworld Session Search Error typically occurs when a player tries to rejoin a created world or connect to a server. This nuisance of an error message reads, “Session Search Error OnFindSessionsComplete bWasSuccessful == false“. Very snappy and informative…

Session Search Error Fixes

Unfortunately, the Session Search Error has several potential causes. These include overcrowded servers, issues with the game files, outdated game versions, or even problems with your internet connection. Let’s explore how to tackle each of these potential causes.

Restart the Game and Your System

Sometimes, the simplest of solutions can work wonders. Restarting the game and your system can often clear temporary data that might be causing the error. So before you try anything else, give this method a chance.

1. Exit Palworld.
2. Restart your system.
3. Launch Palworld and attempt to connect again.

Disable the Multiplayer Option

If the Session Search Error arises when you’re trying to reconnect to a world, it might be due to an overload of players on the server. Temporarily disabling the multiplayer option for the world you’re trying to join can potentially solve this issue.

1. On the main menu, select “Change World Settings” for your world.
2. Turn off the “Multiplayer”option.
3. Try to join the world again.

Note: We’d suggest avoiding altering any other world settings when creating a new world to prevent further complications. If you wanted, though, you could try starting a dedicated server, as we explain here.

Restart Your Router

An unstable internet connection might be the culprit behind the Session Search Error. To tackle this, you could try rebooting your router. If you’re using Wi-Fi, maybe consider switching to a more stable Ethernet connection.

1. Switch off your router.
2. Wait for a few minutes.
3. Turn the router back on.
4. Once the connection is stable, try launching Palworld again.

Update Palworld

Keeping your game up-to-date is crucial in preventing errors. Make sure your installed version of Palworld is the latest one.

1. Open Steam and locate Palworld in your Library.
2. Rightclick on the game and select Properties.
3. In the Updates tab, set Automatic Updates to “Always keep this game up to date.
4. Allow Steam to update the game and then try launching it again.

Verify Game Files Integrity

Corrupt or missing game files can often lead to the Session Search Error. Verifying the integrity of your game files through Steam can help solve this issue.

1. In Steam, locate Palworld in your Library.
2. Rightclick on the game and select Properties.
3. Under the Installed Files tab, click on “Verify integrity of game files.
4. Allow Steam to complete the verification process.
5. Launch Palworld and check if the error persists.

Create a New World

If all else fails, creating a new world is a last resort. While this might not be the most favorable option, it could potentially resolve the issue and possibly fix your old world as well.

1. On the main menu, select “Create New World.
2. Follow the prompts to set up your new world.
3. Try to join the new world.

So, there you have it: the potential causes of the Palworld Session Search Error and some solutions that should sort the issue. Although it’s painful that the game is having these problems, it’s hardly surprising given its meteoric success and the fact it’s in Early Access, but developer Pocket Pair, Inc. say they’re working hard on fixes.