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If you are an avid fan of Risk of Rain Returns (RoRR), you’ve likely wondered about the game’s ability to support mods. There have been countless for the original and its sequel, after all.

Risk of Rain Returns is a remastered version of the original. It’s a two-dimensional action platformer that has captivated many with its enhanced gameplay, introducing new abilities and survivors that players can unlock and utilize. But like you, many are wondering whether there’s a way to add further customization through mods.

Risk of Rain Returns Modding, Explained

Unfortunately, as it stands, Risk of Rain Returns doesn’t have many mods. The modding community faces a considerable challenge in releasing mods for the game. This is primarily because of the game’s development platform. Unlike its predecessor, which was developed using Unity, a highly mod-friendly platform, RoRR was developed using GameMaker. This platform makes modding a bit more difficult as it employs the YoYo Compiler (YYC), which was also used in the original RoR.

That all being said, despite these challenges, the modding community has been able to release a mod that alters the descriptions of in-game items, enhancing user understanding and gameplay experience. You can find this mod, known as the Better Item Descriptions, which you can download from this Reddit thread.

Is Modding Being Added?

While the current modding options are definitely limited, the future of modding in Risk of Rain Returns is promising. The game’s developers have addressed the community’s concerns on their Discord server, stating their plans to provide official mod support via the Steam Workshop in upcoming updates.

This means that while players may have to wait for more comprehensive mod options, they can look forward to a host of mods in the future. The exact timeline for this update, however, remains unknown.

That wraps up everything there is to know about Risk of Rain Returns modding. For more on the game, check out our beginner tips article which acts as a hub for RoRR content.