artifact locations in Risk of Rain Returns

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Hidden gems... I mean, Artifacts!

Artifacts in Risk of Rain Returns completely transform the gameplay experience. Just as in the previous version, these artifacts need to be unlocked before their use, though. Of course, locating these artifacts can be quite tricky — especially for newcomers to the franchise. A handy reference is what you need! Here’s the location of every Artifact in Risk of Rain Returns, as well as what each one does.

Artifact Locations in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns features a total of 14 artifacts, each with a unique effect that significantly alters the gameplay. Their locations are often hidden and require specific characters or skills to access. Let’s break it down.

Command Artifact

The Artifact of Command is arguably the most sought-after in the game due to its ability to replace random loot with rarity boxes, giving the player a choice of items. The location of this artifact is in the Hive Cluster map. On the easterly side of this map, a gap can be traversed using ropes, leading to the hidden artifact.

Distortion Artifact

The Distortion Artifact alters your skills every minute but offers decreased cooldowns. It’s located in the Damp Caverns. To find it, navigate to the upper northeast area of the map, where you’ll encounter three platforms. These platforms are only accessible if you’ve increased your character’s jumping capability. The artifact lies within a box at the top of these platforms.

Enigma Artifact

The Enigma Artifact provides you with random equipment that changes each time you use it. This artifact is hidden in the Sunken Tomb map. In the southeastern corner of the map, there’s a pit. Jump down this pit, and you’ll be launched upward into a section housing the artifact.

Glass Artifact

The Glass Artifact dramatically increases your damage to 500% but at the cost of reducing your health to just 10%. This artifact is hidden on the Frozen Tundra map. Scale the mountainside to find an alcove that leads into a cave. Inside the cave, you’ll find a series of buttons. Pressing these buttons in sequence will summon the artifact.

Honor Artifact

The Honor Artifact ensures that all enemies spawn as elites, making the game much more challenging. The Honor Artifact is hidden within the Desolate Forest map. In the western part of the map, you’ll find a narrow tunnel. Traverse through this tunnel, head south, then west to find a stair-like formation. Climb this formation to find the artifact.

Kin Artifact

The Kin Artifact limits the variety of enemies, causing only one type of enemy to spawn per map. This artifact is located on the Dried Lake map. Search for a partially broken piece of wall. Destroy this wall to reveal a hidden area. Inside this area, you’ll find three buttons. Press these buttons to summon the artifact.

Origin Artifact

The Origin Artifact causes three to five Purple Imps and a Vanguard to spawn from a nearby portal every 10 minutes. This artifact is only accessible after you’ve activated all other artifacts and defeated the final boss. After defeating the boss, descend a level to find the artifact.

Sacrifice Artifact

The Sacrifice Artifact ensures that monsters drop items on death instead of chests appearing. This artifact can be found in the Magma Barracks map. In this map, you’ll find three buttons hidden behind thin walls. You’ll need a character that can pierce through objects to hit these buttons. After activating all three buttons, the artifact can be found in the southern part of the map.

Spirit Artifact

The Spirit Artifact increases your character’s speed proportionate to the loss of health. This artifact is located in the Temple Ruins map. On the eastern side of the map, jump off the edge and land on hidden platforms. Continue heading east and jumping across platforms until you find the artifact.

Spite Artifact

The Spite Artifact causes enemies to explode upon death. This artifact is found on the Sky Meadow map. On this map, look for a small hole. Drop through this hole and follow the platforms until you reach the artifact.

Tempus Artifact

The Tempus Artifact makes items worth multiple times their original value, but only temporarily. The location of this artifact is currently unknown. However, once discovered, this guide will be updated accordingly.

There you have all 14 Risk of Rain Returns Artifact locations. Hope this proves helpful, and if you’re looking for more similar content, such as how to unlock all the characters in the game, we’ve also got you covered.