unlock all characters in risk of rain returns

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In any good Rogue-like, unlocking new abilities adds more depth and progression to the experience. Risk of Rain Returns is no exception, but the depth extends to its various characters as well, which each boast different abilities and offer the chance to tackle gameplay in different ways. Of course, they’re not all available from the start; you’ll have to find them as you explore each level, which means knowing where to look. Here we’ll explain how to unlock all survivors in Risk of Rain Returns, ensuring you get to check out everything this awesome indie has to offer.

Unlock All Characters in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns is a superb remake of the original game, providing gamers with new adventures and features to explore. Each different survivor in the game offers unique abilities that can significantly impact gameplay. You start with two right off the bat: the Commando and the Huntress. These characters provide a taste of the early game variety and serve as a stepping stone for unlocking other survivors. There are 14 more to find though, and here’s how:


To unlock Acrid, players must discover Acrid’s prison container on the “Sunken Tombs” level and defeat him. This container can usually be found in the upper-right corner of the map.


The Artificer can be unlocked by visiting 10 unique levels, adding an element of exploration to the game.


The Bandit can be unlocked by defeating the third stage, providing a fair challenge early in the game.


Unlocking the CHEF character requires a specific set of items in your inventory – Meat Nugget, Bustling Fungus, Sprouting Egg, and Bitter Root, along with the Foreign Fruit equipment item. An effective way to do this is by using the Artifact of Command, which allows you to choose the items you receive from chests.


To unlock the Drifter, a player must recycle six drones in a single playthrough. This character is distinct as it introduces a recycling mechanic to the game.


The Enforcer requires defeating the Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant, and Colossus bosses. This can be achieved over multiple runs and does not necessarily need to be completed in a single playthrough.


The Engineer character demands a total purchase of 40 drones. This calls for strategic spending and planning throughout the game.


To unlock HAN-D, players must locate this character on the final level (Contact Light) in the “Cargo 2” area surrounded by multicolored boxes. HAN-D is located behind a grey door that players must interact with.


Unlocking the Loader requires collecting 30 unique items in a single playthrough. This encourages exploration and thoroughness in item collection.


The Mercenary can be unlocked by beating the game five times. This character stands as a testament to the perseverance and dedication of the player.


The Miner is unlocked by defeating the Direseeker mini-boss in “The Magma Barracks”. This boss can be found at the bottom-right of the map, demanding a careful journey through a small stretch of lava.


The Pilot requires collecting 15 Monster Logs. These logs can be obtained by defeating monsters that are higher than the Drizzle level.


Finally, the Sniper can be unlocked by simply beating the game once. This provides a tangible reward for a significant achievement.

All New Characters in Risk of Rain Returns, Explained

Risk of Rain Returns revamps the original game, adding three unique characters, each bringing a novel playstyle to the ensemble. Of the characters we’ve listed above, these are the new ones and what abilities they have specifically:

  • The Pilot specializes in air combat and is unlocked after collecting 15 Monster Logs.
  • The Artificer, a favorite from Risk of Rain 2, returns with a focus on elemental science and is unlocked after visiting ten different stages.
  • The Drifter is a melee combatant who can create items, unlocked by recycling six drones in a single session.

How to Unlock Risk of Rain Returns Secret Character Robomando

Secret Character Robomando

Unlocking Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns involves specific steps across two runs. In the first run, set the game to Drizzle difficulty and use the Artifact of Command. Choose characters like Pilot or Loader for their mobility and collect Hopoo Feathers. At the Temple of the Elders, find a vase that gives you a Strange Battery. In the final stage, use the battery in a hidden room under the ship, accessed by jumping from a keycard room, and complete or exit the run.

In the second run, start on Rainstorm difficulty and quickly finish the first level. On the second level, locate the same chest, pay for it to retrieve the battery, and proceed swiftly through levels two and three. Before 23 minutes, activate the teleporter on the fourth level and find a hidden room indicated by a thick green arrow, accessible via a concealed path.

Interact with Robomando near the green arrow, let it defeat you, and unlock the secret 16th character.

There you have it, all survivors in Risk of Rain Returns and where to find them — something that’s well worth doing given that it provides an intriguing layer of depth and progression to the gaming experience. We also have a guide on Artifact locations as well if you’re in need of a handy reference, as well as a beginner guide.