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Surely, Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the best video game adaptations of a comic book hero. With respect to its story, it might even be the greatest ever. The 2018 PS4 title (later PS5) perfectly captures the essence of Peter Parker, throwing us in the deep end as an already-established superhero of New York City. It’s a superb plot, and if you’re keen to understand every detail then we’re here with our story summary and Spider-Man ending explained guide to break it all down.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Story Summary

Players step into the shoes of an older, more seasoned Peter Parker, who has been New York City’s beloved Spider-Man for approximately eight years. The game thrusts players into action from the very beginning as Spider-Man joins forces with NYPD Captain Yuri Watanabe to bring the notorious Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin, to justice. With Kingpin safely behind bars, Spider-Man becomes privy to a break-in at an auction house housing Fisk’s priceless collection of art and artifacts. It is here that players are introduced to Mary Jane Watson, an investigative journalist for the Daily Bugle and Peter’s ex-girlfriend, who is well aware of Peter’s dual identity.

The reunion between Peter and Mary Jane is short-lived, as the auction house is swiftly overtaken by hostile masked gunmen who steal a file that Mary Jane had recovered. This file contains crucial information about a substance called “Devil’s Breath,” a name that hardly evokes optimism. The estranged couple, despite their past, agrees to collaborate in an effort to investigate the masked intruders and uncover their nefarious plans.

As the narrative unfolds, players witness Peter’s constant struggle to strike a balance between his responsibilities as Spider-Man and his personal life. Peter works as a lab assistant for the brilliant but troubled Dr. Otto Octavius, who is developing mechanical artificial arms. The strained relationship between Octavius and Norman Osborn, the city’s mayor, comes to light, hinting at future conflicts.

Peter also dedicates his time to F.E.A.S.T, a non-profit organization for the homeless, where his Aunt May works alongside Martin Li, the director of F.E.A.S.T. In a conversation with Li about the masked intruders, Li reveals that they are part of a group called the “Inner Demons” and warns Peter to steer clear of them. However, Peter’s innate sense of responsibility and curiosity lead him down a different path.

Confronting the Inner Demons

Spider-Man has numerous encounters with the Inner Demons, often with the assistance of NYPD Officer Jeff Davis, who becomes an ally in the fight against these masked menaces. During a re-election rally for Mayor Osborn, a massive explosion orchestrated by the Inner Demons claims numerous lives, including Officer Davis. Peter is rendered unconscious by the blast but not before witnessing Martin Li transform into Mr. Negative and reveal his role as the leader of the Inner Demons.

In the aftermath of the attack, Mayor Osborn deploys Silver Sable, a formidable mercenary, to capture Martin Li and the Inner Demons. Meanwhile, Peter extends an invitation to Miles Morales, Davis’ son, to assist at F.E.A.S.T. It is during this time that Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider, gaining spider-like abilities.

Spider-Man’s relentless pursuit of Martin Li and the Inner Demons unravels their sinister plan to employ Devil’s Breath, a catastrophic biochemical weapon created by Oscorp, to obliterate Mayor Osborn and the entire city. With the help of Mary Jane, Spider-Man thwarts their dark designs and defeats Martin Li. However, this triumph is short-lived as Dr. Octavius, driven by anger and equipped with his mechanical arms, transforms into the formidable Doctor Octopus, setting his sights on revenge against Osborn.

The Sinister Six and a Devastating Choice

Doctor Octopus orchestrates a prison break, releasing an array of supervillains, including Shocker, Vulture, Rhino, Scorpion, and Mr. Negative.

The group successfully keeps Spider-Man occupied as he gradually rounds them all up. During this time, Doctor Octopus manages to seize the Devil’s Breath and release it over Times Square, endangering thousands, including Aunt May, whose health takes a sharp and alarming downturn. While Spider-Man is preoccupied with tending to the city in the throes of chaos, Mary Jane embarks on a mission to locate a cure for the Devil’s Breath outbreak.

In her quest, Mary Jane stumbles upon Osborn’s clandestine laboratory concealed within his penthouse. Here, she uncovers a disturbing revelation about Martin Li’s profound animosity toward Osborn, which originates from a traumatic childhood experience. Li had been subjected to early experiments involving Devil’s Breath when Osborn and Octavius were collaborators. The experiments proved too overwhelming for Li, leading to a tragic accident where he inadvertently unleashed his newfound powers, inadvertently causing the death of his parents. This harrowing incident fostered a lifelong loathing of Norman Osborn, who bore primary responsibility for the creation of this lethal substance.

Mary Jane successfully identifies the location of the antidote and promptly shares this critical information with Peter. Spider-Man swings into action, engaging in a fierce battle with Li. With some unexpected assistance from the newfound ally Silver Sable, Spider-Man defeats Li once again. However, the victory is short-lived, as Doctor Octopus emerges, brutally beating Spider-Man and seizing the sole sample of the antidote before making his escape.


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Spider-Man is faced with the formidable task of confronting the Sinister Six while simultaneously seeking a cure for the Devil’s Breath outbreak, which has infected Aunt May.

In a heart-wrenching and pivotal moment, Peter Parker faces an excruciating choice. The only way to create a mass antidote is by sacrificing the sole sample of the cure, which would save the city, including Aunt May. With profound sorrow, Peter decides to save the city, resulting in the tragic passing of his beloved aunt.

Before passing away, Aunt May reveals that she has known Peter was Spider-Man all along. She gets buried next to Uncle Ben.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Ending, Explained

Three months later, the city has begun to regain a semblance of normalcy. Before the credits roll, Peter meets Mary Jane at a café, where she shares her new role as an associate editor at the Daily Bugle. Peter contemplates a potential shift in his career path, pondering the idea of becoming a chef following a previous scientific experiment gone awry. During their heartfelt conversation, Peter reveals that his new living arrangements are not yet ready, and he is temporarily residing with Miles Morales. In a touching moment, Mary Jane offers Peter a place to stay, and they share a significant and long-awaited kiss, indicating the rekindling of their relationship.

The Aftermath and Future Possibilities

The game’s ending wraps up its vital story arcs, and it also lays the foundation for future ones. Doctor Octopus may be imprisoned, but he still harbors a vengeful desire, and the Raft is notorious for housing supervillains. The city’s populace receives the antiserum, thanks to Spider-Man’s efforts, and Miles Morales extends emotional support to Peter, showcasing the potential for him to emerge as a hero in his own right.

So, there you have it. The full breakdown Marvel’s Spider-Man’s plot, which tees up the later Miles Morales expansion and the upcoming sequel game. Of course, we’ll be breaking all that down as well in later articles.