Reed in Phantom Liberty

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A frantic mission.

Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is the 12th mission in the expansion’s main story. It becomes accessible only if you’ve sided with Reed during Firestarter. The objective is to rescue Songbird from MaxTac, who’s taken her captive and are hiding her in one of their convoy vehicles. To successfully beat through this mission, you’ll need to find a skilled netrunner, devise a sabotage strategy, and eliminate all enemies. It’s full on! Let’s break everything down with a full walkthrough.

Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos Phantom Liberty Walkthrough

Enlisting the Help of a Netrunner

To gain an upper hand against MaxTac, you need to recruit a netrunner. Now, the choice of netrunner will depend on your progression in the main storyline. Here are your options:

  • Contact Known Characters: If you’ve played through the main story, you might have some allies who can help. You have four options: Carol Emeka, Sandra Dorset, Chang Hoon Nam, Nix. Nix is a preferable choice due to his speed and ability to offer you some classic Cyberware.
  • Mr. Hands: If the aforementioned characters are not available, or if you prefer, you can opt for Mr. Hands. The fee is 15,000 Eurodollars, after which you’ll just have to wait for further instructions.

Once you’ve selected your netrunner, they’ll provide you with the convoy’s movement data, allowing you to progress to the next phase of the mission.

Plan the Ambush With Reed

From here, you need to rendezvous with Reed. To do this, send him a message to receive the coordinates. Reed will be waiting for you at the West Wind Apartments in Pacifica. You’ll find him in conversation with the leader of the 6th Street gang. This meeting is crucial to your mission as it sets the stage for planning the ambush.

You’ll be introduced to a gang member who operates a drone and will brief you on the types of traps you can set:

  • Mines
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Turrets

Of these, Turrets we highly recommended due to their effectiveness in combat. After finalizing your strategy, you can proceed to the next leg of the quest.

Ambushing the Convoy & Defeating MaxTac

The climax of the Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos mission begins after your conversation with Reed. Choose your ambush spot wisely; a high vantage point is recommended so that you can get a clear view of the area. Keep your sniper rifle at the ready for when the convoy arrives.


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The convoy’s arrival signals the start of the battle. Initially, you’ll be up against a group of cops who are safeguarding the convoy. They can be easily taken down, especially if you’re armed with a powerful shotgun.

Once the guards are dealt with, you’ll face four MaxTac members. Each of them is endowed with unique abilities and a considerable amount of HP. Here are some tips to defeat them:

  • Team up with Reed: Reed is your ally in this battle. He will cover you from behind, targeting the enemies’ weak spots with a sniper rifle. Aim for the targets that Reed has hit as they become vulnerable for a short while and can take damage.
  • Take out the enemies: It’s challenging to tackle all four enemies simultaneously. Hence, it’s advisable to eliminate them one by one to reduce the damage you take.
  • Prioritize your opponents: Not all enemies are created equal. Some are stronger and have unique attacks. Focus on eliminating the powerful ones first. Dallas Foster is the toughest, while Jasper Collins is relatively weaker.

After defeating the opponents, check on Reed. If he’s wounded, you’ll have to track down Songbird who has absconded with a truck. In our experience, it was pretty easy to follow her by driving along the highway until you reach a crash site, marking the end of the Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos mission.

That wraps up the mission and this Cyberpunk 207: Phantom Liberty walkthrough. You can find more related content by searching We Game Daily.