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Breaking it all down.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 picks up its story directly after the events of the 2018 original and Miles Morales spinoff. It’s another superb and engaging that brings two Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, face-to-face with their biggest challenge yet. This Spider-Man 2 story summary and ending explained guide is designed as a reference so that you’re up to speed with every single detail.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Story Summary

First Acts & Introduction to Harry Osborne

Spider-Man 2 begins with both Peter Parker and Miles Morales trying to find their place in a New York City filled with superheroes and villains. Peter, already a veteran Spider-Man, struggles with maintaining a stable job as a teacher. On the other hand, Miles, the rookie hero, is busy with college applications.

Following their successful intervention in thwarting an attack by Sandman, Peter returns home to reunite with Mary Jane. However, a surprise visit by Harry Osborne, Peter’s childhood best friend and son of Norman Osborne, changes the course of events. Harry, who has been afflicted by a degenerative illness, has found a potential cure in the form of a mysterious “suit” developed by Dr. Connors. Furthermore, Harry reveals his ambitious endeavor: the Emily-May Foundation, dedicated to global healing, named after the late Emily Osborne and Aunt May. Peter decides to join Harry as a co-founder.

Encounter With Kraven

Meanwhile, Kraven the Hunter is drawn to New York by the chaos caused by both villains and superheroes. He releases several notorious villains from captivity, including Martin Li and Mister Negative, which fuels Miles’s desire for vengeance after the death of his father at Li’s hands. Kraven’s true motives are unveiled when it’s disclosed that he is battling cancer and seeks a worthy adversary in combat.

The situation escalates when the hunters launch an assault on Coney Island, endangering civilians. It becomes too much for Peter to handle, but at this critical moment, Harry’s suit springs to life, a peculiar, amorphous mass of tendrils. Together, they manage to save the day.

Their initial intention is to collaborate as superheroes, but this partnership is short-lived. While confronting Kraven, their plan goes awry, resulting in Kraven overpowering both of them. The confrontation culminates in Peter’s near-fatal stabbing and his subsequent revival when Harry’s suit transfers itself to save Peter.

As Peter grapples with the symbiotic suit, he becomes increasingly erratic, displaying signs of anger and violence. He begins to reconsider returning the suit to Harry, despite Harry’s revelation that he will perish without it. This transformation prompts Peter to attack Miles and Mary Jane, eventually leading to Miles being abducted by Kraven, forcing him into a face-off against Martin Li.

Reluctantly, Peter locates Miles and intervenes to rescue him. Following a showdown with Kraven, Miles is compelled to confront Peter, who believes Miles is scheming to seize the suit. Their confrontation intensifies, but with the sound of a bell, Miles manages to help Peter break free from the parasite.

Venom Appears

With the symbiote removed, Peter seeks out Dr. Connors to contain the entity in a special jar. However, their plans are disrupted by a gravely ill Harry, who accuses Peter of withholding the symbiote from him. The symbiote breaks free and reattaches to Harry, transforming him into the classic version of Venom. Venom proceeds to defeat Spider-Man and embarks on a destructive rampage through Oscorp.

In Times Square, Venom encounters Kraven, who believes he has finally found his match, the one who can grant him the death he desires. Venom prevails in the ensuing battle, and Kraven thanks the symbiote before meeting a gruesome end.

Having a crisis of conscience, Harry visits his mother’s grave, where the Venom symbiote further manipulates him, convincing him that infesting the world with symbiotes will heal it.

Peter discovers that Venom is converting civilians into symbiotes. However, his attention is diverted when he witnesses a video call featuring Harry and Mary Jane, leading to a disturbing transformation where Mary Jane becomes the Marvel villain Scream. Peter embarks on a challenging battle to rescue Mary Jane and subsequently tracks down Venom, which leads to a confrontation in a bank.

Spider-Man 2, Ending Explained

Showdown With Venom

Peter and Miles attempt to combat the alien threat but are overwhelmed, and Peter begins to manifest latent remnants of the symbiote. Martin Li intervenes by entering Peter’s mind to expel the remnants of the symbiote. As they traverse Peter’s troubled psyche and confront various villains from his past, they uncover the source of the infection.


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Li realizes that the only way to save Peter is to transfer all his power into the symbiote. Miles guards against symbiote attacks while Li sacrifices his power, resulting in the transformation of the symbiote inside Peter into Anti-Venom, granting him a white symbiote suit. Li departs, powerless, with a vow to do good in the world.

Peter tracks Venom to an Oscorp lab where a Spiral meteorite is stored, the source of Venom’s power. A confrontation with Norman Osborn ensues, and Venom asserts that he is everything Norman ever desired. Peter intervenes, attempting to save Norman, but Venom seizes both pieces of the meteorite and escapes.

Connors reveals to Peter that there’s a way to stop Venom but requires sacrificing Harry. Norman implores Peter to save his son.

Upon returning to the surface, Peter finds New York overwhelmed by the Venom symbiote, with colossal tendrils reaching into the sky. He attempts to rescue civilians but is soon contacted by Harry via a vision. Harry claims to be healed and argues that by allowing the symbiote to take over the world, they can heal everyone. Miles arrives and intervenes, allowing Peter to escape with him.

Miles, Mary Jane, and Peter meet back at Peter’s house to devise a plan to defeat Venom. Peter receives an alert about Spider-Man-related issues on his phone. Mary Jane questions whether he has told Miles the truth. Peter starts to explain, but Miles reassures him that he can handle it and encourages Peter to take a break as Peter Parker, promising that he may need Peter’s help in the future. Peter assures Miles that he will always be there for him.

Miles, dressed as Spider-Man, swings away, leaving Peter semi-retired and free to build a life with Mary Jane.

Spider-Man 2 Post Credits Scene, Explained

As the game concludes, a somber note is cast for most of the characters, particularly Harry and Norman Osborne.

In a later scene, Harry lies comatose at the Osborne residence with little hope of recovery. Norman implores the doctor to keep his son alive, his frustration evident as he smashes objects within the room.

Subsequently, the focus shifts to Mary Jane, recording a podcast and living with Peter. The couple enjoys a peaceful meal with Miles, his mother, Ganke, and Hailey. Outside, Peter is shown reviving the Emily-May Foundation from his garage.

A message on Peter’s phone alerts him to Spider-Man’s responsibilities. Mary Jane inquires if he has shared the truth with Miles, to which Peter responds in the negative. Miles arrives, dressed as Spider-Man, asserting that he’s ready for the role. He encourages Peter to take a break and promises to handle his duties for now, with the understanding that Peter will be there when needed.

Miles swings into action, leaving Peter semi-retired and free to pursue a life with Mary Jane.

That wraps up what we hope is a comprehensive breakdown of Spider-Man 2’s story and ending. Surely you’ll agree it’s one of the most captivating and authentic video game adaptations of a comic book arc ever, and we already can’t wait for more.