best diablo 4 dungeon to farm XP is Champion's Demise

Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

‍In Diablo 4, the higher the level, the stronger the character, and the better the chances of surviving the game’s various challenges and defeating its toughest enemies. The most effective way to farm XP is by running dungeons. But which one is the best dungeon for XP farming? Here we’ll break it all down, as well as provide an alternate option, and some general Diablo 4 XP farming tips.

Champion’s Demise: Best Dungeon for XP Farming in Diablo 4

best diablo 4 dungeon to farm XP is Champion's Demise

Among all the dungeons in Diablo 4, Champion’s Demise stands out as the best dungeon for XP farming. Located in the Dry Steppes region, this dungeon offers an impressive density of mobs and elite enemies, making it an excellent location for XP farming. Its layout is also conducive to quick runs, especially when you’re playing in a group.

Champion’s Demise is our dungeon of choice for XP farming due to its high density of enemies and the substantial amount of XP it offers. Here are some of its advantages:

  1. High Mob Density: The dungeon is teeming with numerous mobs, providing ample opportunities for XP farming.
  2. Rich in Elites: Besides regular mobs, Champion’s Demise is also home to a significant number of Elites. Defeating these powerful enemies rewards massive XP.
  3. Ideal for Group Runs: The dungeon’s layout is conducive to group play. It has three different crossroads, each leading to a separate corridor. A group of three players can quickly clear each corridor, resulting in rapid dungeon completion.
  4. Efficient Farming: By focusing on mob and Elite clearing and avoiding boss fights, you can reset the dungeon and repeat the process for efficient XP farming.

Fast Clearing of Champion’s Demise

The key to farming XP quickly in Champion’s Demise is obviously to clear the dungeon as fast as possible. If you haven’t checked out this list of the rare items in the game, then it might be worth doing so (sorry for the link bait, but they are helpful). This involves a combination of powerful gear, a well-coordinated group, and the right character build. By focusing on defeating Elites and clearing mobs, you can earn significant XP in just a few hours of farming.

Other Good XP Farming Dungeons

Domhainne TunnelsStrand, northeast of Cerrigar, Scosglen
Uldur’s CaveRagged Coastline, west of Caldeum, Kehjistan
Blind BurrowsWestern Fethis Wetlands, Hawezar
Champion’s DemiseEastern Untamed Scarps, southeast of the Temple of Rot, Dry Steppes
Charnel HouseCentral Untamed Scarps, southeast of the Temple of Rot, Dry Steppes
Iron HoldRuins of Rakhat Keep, central Hawezar

While Champion’s Demise stands out as the top dungeon for XP farming, Diablo 4 offers several other dungeons that are also excellent for this purpose. One such alternative is the Domhainne Tunnels.

Located in the Strand region, the Domhainne Tunnels offer a high density of mobs and Elites, similar to Champion’s Demise. The dungeon is particularly good for farming XP in the first phase, after which you can reset the dungeon and repeat the process. It’s an excellent alternative should you want a change of scenery from Champion’s Demise.

Tips to Level Fast in Diablo 4

If you’re after more general tips on how to level fast in Diablo 4, we have a dedicated guide for exactly that. In brief, though, here are some takeaways worth keeping in mind:

  • Skip the campaign: For experienced players or those playing in a group, it’s beneficial to skip the campaign and start in Kyovashad at level 1. This allows for higher experience gains, especially if you jump right into World Tier 2.
  • Complete the seasonal questline: At the beginning of the game, prioritize completing the seasonal questline and leveling up. This will lead to significant XP gains.
  • Participate in Legion Events: These events appear every 25 minutes and offer substantial XP.
  • Visit Blood Harvest zones: These zones are seasonal events that increase the number of monsters and objectives in a specific area, leading to increased XP gains.

So there you have it. While there are many dungeons to choose from, Champion’s Demise stands out as the best dungeon for XP farming, thanks to its high enemy density and efficient farming potential. Nonetheless, dungeons like Domhainne Tunnels serve as an excellent alternative. They should be all mid to high-level players need to quickly level up and flesh out whatever character builds they’re working on.