powerwash as it was foretold achievement fix
Still no resolution.

The “As It Was Foretold” achievement in Powerwash Simulator has been a notorious bug for many players. This guide will explore the status of this bug and provide updated information on whether it has been fixed.

As It Was Foretold Achievement Fix in Powerwash Simulator

If you’re one of the many who have run into this bug, it goes a little something like this: Players complete the Career Mode but do not receive the “As It Was Foretold” achievement. This issue persisted across different platforms and updates.

From what we can tell, the community has tried various methods to trigger the achievement, including:

  • Replaying the last level.
  • Waiting through the credits.

None of these have been effective.

Some player reports on Reddit suggest that you can earn the achievement through Freeplay mode, even if you’ve previously completed the Career Mode. Although, others have reported this doesn’t actually resolve the issue.

Developers’ Response

The game’s developers were aware of the issue and promised to work on a fix. The community regularly discussed this on gaming forums and social media, pressing for a timely solution. At the time of writing, though, it’s still not complete.

It seems the developers understandably haven’t been working on the game over the holiday period. We’ll keep you updated here when we learn more about the anticipated “As It Was Foretold” achievement big fix for Powerwash Simulator.