vasco not shooting in starfield

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Companions in Bethesda games are supposed to be your trusty wingmen who never let you down, but not all of them are so reliable. Starfield’s Vasco really should be. He’s a robot after all… unfortunately, when he’s not calling you names he’s supposed to be killing enemies. And, well, Vasco sometimes inexplicably doesn’t shoot his gun. As it turns out, there’s good reason for that. Here’s how to fix Vasco not shooting in Starfield so your faith in him is restored.

Why Vasco Doesn’t Shoot in Starfield, Explained

So, there are a few reasons why Vasco might not shoot — though the top two we’ve listed below are almost certainly the reason why you’re looking up this guide (trust us):

  1. Ammunition Type: Vasco relies on a specific type of ammunition, the “3KV LRZ CARTRIDGE,” for his internal laser rifle. If he doesn’t have this ammo, he won’t be able to shoot.
  2. Ammo Depletion: While companions typically have unlimited ammo, there are instances where they require at least one piece of the appropriate ammo type to initiate firing. Ensure Vasco has some “3KV LRZ CARTRIDGE” in his inventory.
  3. Equipment Bug: Occasionally, a bug can cause Vasco to stop shooting. This issue can often be resolved by using a particular method to reset his behavior.

How to Fix Vasco’s Shooting Problem

Now, let’s get into the steps to fix Vasco’s shooting problem. As you’ve probably gathered already, the main issue is that you’ve not equipped Vasco with the correct ammunition type. Anyway, let’s troubleshoot it one by one just to be safe:

  1. Check Ammunition: First, verify that Vasco has the correct ammunition, “3KV LRZ CARTRIDGE,” in his inventory. If not, find some and add it to his inventory.
  2. Equip and Unequip Method: One of the most effective solutions involves placing a “3KV LRZ CARTRIDGE” in Vasco’s inventory. Next, equip and then immediately unequip a weapon from his menu (Y button on Xbox). This process effectively resets Vasco’s behavior and often gets him to start shooting again.
  3. Try Different Ammo: Some players have reported success by experimenting with both types of laser ammo, including the 1.5K and 3KV Laser cartridges, in Vasco’s inventory. Try various ammo types to see if it triggers his shooting behavior.
  4. Restart and Update Game: If Vasco’s shooting issue persists, restart the game and ensure you have the latest updates installed. Game updates can sometimes include bug fixes that may address this problem.

This is about the point when we’d normally suggest you contact Bethesda if the problem persists, but it honestly shouldn’t come to that. You just need to equip the right ammo so the poor guy actually has some rounds in the barrel to help you with.

Where to Get 3KV LZR Cartridge

If you’re wondering where exactly you can find the necessary ammo, the easiest way to get more 3KV LZR cartridges is by purchasing it from vendors. We recommend the likes of Fast Hoang in Valo or Marcel Duris in Wolf.

So there you have it. Turns out it wasn’t typical buggy Bethesda but your forgetfulness to equip Vasco with his special ammo. Silly you! No, in fairness it’s not well explained. Hopefully, this guide has solved your issues.