How to increase radiation resistance in Pacific Drive

Image source: Kepler Interactive via We Game Daily

I'm radioactive, radioactive...

As you explore deeper into the Pacific Drive‘s ominous Exlusion Zone, you’ll encounter increasingly hazardous conditions. One of the most notable hazards is radiation. To ensure your survival and give you the best chance of finding rare loot, you’ll need to enhance both your personal and your car’s radiation resistance. Here’s how how to increase radiation resistance in Pacific Drive.

How to Increase Personal Radiation Resistance

When you’re on foot, radiation can quickly deplete your health. To protect yourself, you can craft radiation-resistant gear at the Outfitting Station:

  • Navigate to the Outfitting Station.
  • Scroll through the tabs until you find the Radiation equipment section.
  • Craft the available pieces, with the Lead Apron being the most cost-effective option initially.

Note that crafting these items requires lead platelets, which may take you some time to track down early on.

How to Increase Your Car’s Radiation Resistance

In the early stages, your car’s steel doors and panels provide sufficient protection against radiation. However, as you progress and encounter more intense radiation or lose car parts, you’ll need to upgrade your vehicle’s resistance. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Fabrication Station.
  • Look for the Car Body tab.
  • Unlock the Lead-Plated Panel upgrade by spending two pieces of Fabric.
  • Once unlocked, you can craft these protective panels at the workbench. Keep in mind that the necessary materials for crafting may only be found deeper into the zone.

Prioritize Radiation Resistance Upgrades

Radiation poses a significant threat to your survival in Pacific Drive, so we’d suggest prioritizing these upgrades over others, such as insulated or armored panels. While it may take some time to gather the required materials, being adequately protected against radiation is essential for exploring the more dangerous parts of the Zone.

So, there you have it: our guide on how to increase radiation resistance in Pacific Drive. Remember to craft radiation-resistant gear for personal protection and upgrade your car for its own radiation resistance. If you’re having trouble finding the Scrap Metal you need for upgrades, check out our guide on how to farm this vital material.