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Decisions, decisions.

Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG developed by Bethesda, presents players with a tricky decision in the quest “A High Price To Pay.” In it, you are faced with the task of saving Sarah, one of your companions, from a dire fate. Here we’ll be providing the necessary information to make the right choices and ensure that you save Sarah in Starfield if that’s your choice.

Saving Sarah in High Price to Pay Walkthrough

In “A High Price To Pay,” you will be presented with a crucial choice: go to The Eye or stay at The Lodge. This decision will have consequences for the characters involved, and there is no easy way around it. Depending on your relationships and choices throughout the game, different companions will be at risk during this quest.

Defending the Lodge in High Price To Pay

If you choose to stay at The Lodge to defend against The Hunter, a companion at The Eye will meet a tragic end. The Hunter is a formidable opponent, and defeating him is no easy task. Your fellow companions will escape through the sewers, and you will eventually regroup at The Eye. However, the companion with whom you have the highest affinity will not survive.

Defending the Eye in High Price To Pay

On the other hand, if you decide to leave for The Eye to aid your friends, your favorite companion will not die but will suffer severe injuries. When you return to The Lodge, you will discover that the companion with the second-highest affinity has perished. It is a heart-wrenching outcome, especially if you have developed a deep connection with these characters throughout the game.

To save Sarah, you must understand the dynamics of your relationships with the companions involved in the quest. Your actions and interactions with them throughout the game will determine their level of affinity, which directly affects their fate in “A High Price To Pay.”

Assessing Affinity Levels

Before embarking on the quest, it is worth evaluating your affinity levels with each companion. The companion with whom you have the highest affinity will be at The Eye, while the second-highest affinity companion will be at The Lodge. This assessment will help you make an informed decision and maximize the chances of saving Sarah.

If Sarah is your favorite companion and has the highest affinity, your mission is clear: you must go to The Eye to ensure her survival. However, this means leaving your second favorite companion, who will be at The Lodge, to face the Hunter alone. It is a painful sacrifice, but it is the only way to save Sarah.

Impact on New Game Plus

Starfield offers a unique approach to New Game Plus, and the consequences of your choices in “A High Price To Pay” continue to unfold in unexpected ways. Whether you choose to save Sarah or let her meet her fate, the story of Starfield will branch in different directions.

New Game Plus in Starfield allows you to carry over certain aspects of your previous playthrough, including relationships and character progression. However, be prepared for unexpected twists and turns, as the game’s narrative will adapt to your choices and offer fresh experiences even in subsequent playthroughs.

Tips and Strategies for Success

Let’s break everything down in a step-by-step to maximize your chances of saving Sarah in Starfield and navigating the challenges of “A High Price To Pay:”

  1. Prioritize Relationship Building: Throughout your journey in Starfield, invest time in developing strong relationships with your companions. This will increase their affinity and potentially influence their survival in critical quests.
  2. Evaluate the Affinity Levels: Regularly check the affinity levels of your companions to ensure you are aware of their standings. This information will allow you to make informed decisions when faced with difficult choices.
  3. Prepare for Combat: As you progress through Starfield, focus on honing your combat skills and acquiring powerful weapons and armor. The challenges ahead will require your utmost strength and strategy.
  4. Explore Side Quests: Engage in side quests and activities to gain valuable resources, experience, and deepen your understanding of the game world. These additional adventures may provide you with vital knowledge and assistance in critical moments.
  5. Save Often: Starfield is a vast and unpredictable world, so saving your progress regularly is crucial. By doing so, you can experiment with different choices and outcomes without fear of losing significant progress.


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