Starfield landscape

Image source: Bethesda

Big bucks.

Investors will be rubbing their hands together looking at Bethesda’s recent revenue forecast for Starfield. Recent leaks from a major Xbox data breach have shed light on projections for the game, revealing staggering numbers. According to the leaked documents, the game developer had expected Starfield to generate close to $1 billion in revenue over a four-year period.

Starfield Revenue Expected to Reach Nearly $1 Billion

The revenue estimates were broken down over these four years, with projections as follows:

  • Year One: $600 million
  • Year Two: $215 million
  • Year Three: $50 million
  • Year Four: $35 million

Originally, these projections were aligned with the fiscal year 2021, which was when Starfield was initially scheduled for release. However, even if we adjust the years to match the game’s actual release date, the financial targets remain consistent.

Since its release, Starfield has already seen over 10 million players venturing into the depths of space. Based on this remarkable player count, it appears increasingly likely that Bethesda will indeed achieve its revenue expectations. Even if only half of these 10 million players purchased the base $70 version of the game, the revenue would amount to a substantial $350 million.

Furthermore, taking into account post-launch support and the popularity of deluxe editions, Bethesda seems well-positioned to surpass the ambitious revenue projections set for Starfield. As the game’s community continues to grow, it’s evident that the company has a bright financial future ahead.


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Bethesda’s journey into the realm of space exploration with Starfield has not only captured the imaginations of millions of players but also promises to be a significant financial triumph for the company. As the game evolves and expands, the billion-dollar revenue mark seems well within reach, solidifying Starfield’s status as a monumental success in the gaming industry.