how to gain regional wealth

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Earn the big bucks.

In Manor Lords, Regional Wealth is important for expanding and upgrading your medieval settlement. It enables you to trade resources, purchase livestock, and develop Burgage Plots. Unlike Personal Wealth, which is used for personal expenditures and is stored in your Treasury, Regional Wealth is the collective wealth of your settlement used for communal upgrades and trading. Here’s how to increase Regional Wealth in Manor Lords.

Regional Wealth in Manor Lords, Explained

Regional Wealth represents the collective economic strength of your settlement. It’s different from Personal Wealth, which you, as the lord, spend from your Treasury. Regional Wealth is used to import resources through Trading Posts, upgrade Burgage Plots, and it’s crucial for increasing your settlement level—a key factor in expanding and accessing more items. However, it’s important to note that Regional Wealth can only be spent within the region it was earned, adding a strategic layer to how and where you allocate this resource.

Earning Regional Wealth Through Trading

The primary method for generating Regional Wealth is through trading. Just as it is for other endeavors such as a sheep farm, setting up a Trading Post is the first step:

  • Building a Trading Post: This costs four timber and needs to be staffed by families from your settlement. Once operational, you can choose to sell surplus goods that are abundant in your region.
  • Establishing Trade Routes: To facilitate regular trade, setting up trade routes is essential. This involves paying upfront to ensure that a traveling merchant regularly visits your town, allowing for consistent buying or selling of goods.

The act of trading not only provides immediate Regional Wealth but also helps manage resource surpluses, ensuring your settlement remains prosperous and well-supplied.

Upgrading Burgage Plots

burgage plots in manor lords
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Another significant source of Regional Wealth is through the strategic upgrading of Burgage Plots:

  • Level 2 Burgage Plots: Upgrading a Burgage Plot to Level 2 requires certain infrastructure, such as a church and access to essential services like water, food, and fuel. Once upgraded, each Level 2 plot generates one Regional Wealth per month.
  • Level 3 Burgage Plots: More advanced than Level 2, these plots require additional resources and services but yield two Regional Wealth per month.

The process of upgrading Burgage Plots not only enhances your settlement’s capabilities but also steadily increases your Regional Wealth, making it a vital strategy for long-term growth.

Using Regional Wealth

The strategic use of Regional Wealth involves several key areas:

  • Trading Resources at Trading Posts: This is the most direct way to use Regional Wealth, where it can be exchanged for essential goods not available locally.
  • Purchasing Livestock: Livestock are essential for agricultural productivity and can be bought at Hitching Posts or Stables using Regional Wealth.
  • Expanding Infrastructure: Regional Wealth is also used to build workshops and expand farms within Burgage Plots, crucial for the advancement and self-sufficiency of your settlement.

To maximize the efficiency of your Regional Wealth usage, consider focusing on Trade Logistics and securing Better Deals through the Development tech tree. These upgrades reduce the cost of imports and improve the profitability of exports, stretching your Regional Wealth further.

Earning and managing Regional Wealth in Manor Lords involves a balance of trading, upgrading plots, and strategic infrastructure development. By focusing on these aspects, you can ensure the prosperity of your medieval settlement.