getting sheep in manor lords

Image source: Hooded Horse

Bleat, bleat!

Wondering how to round up some sheep in Manor Lords? Whether you’re looking to boost your wool stock or just add some fluffy friends to your medieval settlement, getting sheep is a super important. Here’s your go-to guide for how to get sheep in Manor Lords, including setting up the necessary infrastructure and turning that wool into valuable clothing.

Getting Sheep in Manor Lords

Securing sheep in Manor Lords isn’t something you can do immediately when you start your game. You’ll need to set up a bit of infrastructure first. Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Build a Livestock Trading Post: This is your first step towards diversifying the animals in your town. Initially, you’ll have access to oxen, but for sheep, you’ll need this trading post.
  2. Set Your Desired Surplus: In the Livestock Trading Post’s trade menu, specify how many sheep you want to maintain in your stock. This sets up automatic trading to keep your numbers steady.
  3. Build a Sheep Farm: Once you’ve got your sheep, you’ll need somewhere to house them. Each farm can accommodate up to five sheep or lambs, so plan your space accordingly.
  4. Ensure Proper Staffing: Assign at least one family to manage your Sheep Farm. This is crucial for the care and eventual shearing of the sheep to collect wool.
  5. Invest in Sheepbreeding: If you want your sheep count to grow without continuous trading, investing a development point in the Sheepbreeding perk allows your sheep to naturally multiply.

Processing Sheep’s Wool

Once you’ve got your wool, turning it into clothes is your next big task, essential not only for keeping your populace warm but also for advancing your settlement.

  1. Build a Weaver Workshop: This is where wool gets spun into yarn. Assign a family to work here, ensuring a steady transformation of raw wool into usable material.
  2. Set Up a Clothes Stall at the Marketplace: Automatically, one family member will handle this, selling clothes to meet one of the vital needs for leveling up your Burgage Plots.
  3. Expand into Cloak Making: For higher-tier clothing, set up a Tailor’s Workshop and a Dyer’s Workshop. The latter will require a constant supply of berries for dye.
  4. Export Excess Goods: Once you have a surplus, use your regular Trading Post to sell clothes and cloaks, increasing your town’s wealth and resource pool.

By following these steps, you’ll not only keep your settlement thriving through harsh winters but also boost your economic power in the world of Manor Lords. Remember, starting with a few sheep and scaling up as your resources allow can set the foundation for a prosperous sheep farming operation.