fixing homelessness in Manor Lords

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Out on the mean mediaeval streets.

Managing your settlement’s population is very important in Manor Lords. As your economy and industries expand, so too must your housing. Initially, new settlements begin with a Worker Camp that temporarily houses five families. However, as the game progresses, permanent residences are needed to avoid the “Homelessness” effect, which not only impacts your settlement’s approval rating but also poses a survival risk to your citizens during the harsh winters. Here’s everything you need to know about homelessness in Manor Lords, and how to combat the annoying bug.

Homelessness in Manor Lords, Explained

Homelessness is a status assigned to individuals or families without a permanent residence, rendering them unable to join militia forces and contributing negatively to the overall Approval rating of your settlement. This status can become a significant obstacle as your town grows, potentially freezing the progress of a burgeoning township if not addressed promptly and effectively.

Building Burgage Plots to Combat Homelessness

The primary method to resolve homelessness is by constructing Burgage Plots, which are designated residential zones where citizens can build homes. You should be familiar with the process already (as it’s necessary to increase your regional wealth and progress in the game), but if not here’s a reminder:

  • Accessing Burgage Plots: Navigate to the Residential section of the Construction menu to find and select Burgage Plots. These plots are flexible in size, allowing you to adjust their dimensions to fit your town’s layout.
  • Building Directions: When setting up Burgage Plots, the orientation of the homes is determined by the first two points you select, which should ideally face towards roads to ensure accessibility.
  • Types of Constructions on Burgage Plots: Each plot can house different types of buildings:
    • Large house: The main residence for a family.
    • Small house with plus sign: An additional smaller home that can be constructed later.
    • Shed with hammer: A potential workshop space where citizens can produce resources or craft specialized goods.

Resource Requirements and Upgrades

To establish and expand Burgage Plots effectively, you’ll need a steady supply of resources:

  • Timber Needs: Each Burgage Plot, including expansions for living spaces, requires 2 Timber. Ensure your Logging Camp is operational and adequately staffed to meet these needs.
  • Firewood Consumption: Homes consume one Firewood per month, necessitating an operational Woodcutter’s Lodge to maintain warmth, especially during winter months.

As your settlement progresses, you have the opportunity to upgrade Burgage Plots to Level 2 and eventually to Level 3, each level allowing for additional families and thus helping to alleviate the homelessness issue further.

Homelessness Bug in Manor Lords Fix

Despite the game’s relatively smooth performance, some players encounter a persistent bug where homelessness does not resolve even after providing adequate housing. Here’s a simple workaround to fix this issue:

  • Ensure Available Housing: Confirm that there are available homes without current occupants for the homeless families.
  • Avoid Premature Upgrades: Do not upgrade your homeless camp into a worker’s camp until the homeless have moved into homes.
  • Game Restart: Save your game, exit Manor Lords, and then relaunch it. Load your save and wait a few minutes; the homeless should then relocate to the available homes.
  • Monitor and Adjust: If the Homelessness status persists beyond a reasonable time and all individuals are housed, consider restarting the game from an earlier save or starting anew, ensuring all homes are properly connected to roads and fully accessible before upgrading camps.

So there you have it. By constructing Burgage Plots, ensuring resource availability, and addressing game bugs proactively, you can maintain high approval ratings and secure the wellbeing of your citizens. If you encounter the homelessness bug in Manor Lords, there is at least a work around.