How to farm scrap metal in Pacific Drive

Image source: Kepler Interactive via We Game Daily

Box of scraps!

In Pacific Drive, Scrap Metal is a vital material to craft better car parts and upgrades. You’ll need to craft some of the best early game upgrades, such as the Steel Sheet. You may not notice at first, but your Scrap Metal supplies can dwindle quickly when you’re upgrading and repairing your car. In this guide, we explain how to quickly and efficiently farm scrap metal in Pacific Drive so that you never go short again.

How to Get Scrap Metal in Pacific Drive

You’ll probably first encounter Scrap Metal when you reach Oppy’s Garage. Here, you’ll learn how to dismantle car parts with your Scrapper, which is the best way to farm Scrap Metal in Pacific Drive. The garage only has one car, however, so you’ll need to head out to find more Scrap Metal.

To most efficiently acquire Scrap Metal, we recommend the following approach:

  • Head to the Route Planner.
  • Select a route with high vehicle density.
  • Craft two or three Scrappers.
  • Head to the selected zone and break down every car you find.
  • Remember to open the trunk of each car before scrapping it. If you destroy the trunk without opening it, you’ll lose whatever’s inside!

You can also find Scrap Metal in houses and trailers, but scrapping cars typically yields larger amounts, making it the best approach.

What Scrap Metal Does

As you upgrade your car, you’ll notice that many upgrades, such as Steel Sheets, require a significant amount of Scrap Metal. It’s a good idea to save your Scrap Metal for making better parts, especially as you head into the mid-zone and beyond. The anomalies and the Zone Storm become more dangerous in these areas, so you won’t last long with an old banger and average equipment.

Before progressing too far into the main story or exploring the deeper areas of the exclusion zone, consider taking a few extra drives to gather more Scrap Metal. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So, there you have it: our advice on how to farm Scrap Metal in Pacific Drive quickly and efficiently. The best approach is to do a few runs on routes with high vehicle density and scrap everything in sight. Just make sure you loot them first! And if you’re just starting out and having trouble finding Chemicals, check out our guide on how to get that very useful material.