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Image source: Studio Wildcard

Surely coming soon.

ARK Survival Ascended is kicking off 2024 with some exciting new content updates, including the anticipated server transfer update. While many had hoped this would arrive in tandem with the closing of the Winter Wonderland event, that hasn’t occurred — even despite its later-than-expected finishing time. So, when are ARK Survival Ascended server transfers actually coming? Well, we do have some new information to share on that front.

Update 01/31/2024: Studio Wildcard has no confirmed server transfers are arriving on Feb. 2. We’ll embed the update below for full details.

Server Transfers in ARK Survival Ascended Going Live Feb. 2

Studio Wildcard has been keeping ARK Survival Ascended fans waiting patiently for server transfers, but they’re now confirmed on the way — and very soon. A post on X from the developer explained:

Server transfers will be opening on Friday, Feb 2nd. At that time, you will be able to download items and creatures onto the map without restriction. We’ll also be launching some fresh non-transfer Official PvP servers then!

This update came after weeks of waiting. Over on the game’s community Discord, an announcement from the game’s community manager suggested that the team was “still aiming for January but holding off on sharing a date.” While they didn’t quite hit that date, it’s only a couple of days beyond the first month of the year.

Why Server Transfers are Important

So why do we even need server transfers when there’s only a single map in the game? Well, there’s more reason than you might expect; for one, many players want the option to have PvP across PvP servers. Probably more importantly, many want to get away from toxic servers they’re stuck on, which is understandable.

Thankfully, while Wildcard’s ARK Survival Ascended support has been a little shaky over the past couple of months it does seem the dev team is very committed to getting some of these anticipated features delivered. Yes, it’s slow, and yes there have been some frustrating lack of communication on other features like Windows clients from joining crossplay official PvP servers, but ASA is looking prime for a decent start to the year if the dev team can steady the ship and stick to its roadmap.

We’ll keep this article updated as soon as we learn more about ARK Survival Ascended server transfers. Check out our handy interactive map page until then for all your dino-hunting adventures.