nightingale third person mode

Image source: Inflexion Games

Get out of your head.

By default, you spawn into Nightingale in first-person mode, allowing you to see the world directly through your character’s eyes. However, sometimes it’s easier or more enjoyable to play while looking over your character’s shoulder through third-person mode. Here’s how to turn on the third-person perspective in Nightingale.

How to Toggle Third Person in Nightingale

Using Keyboard Shortcut

If you’re using a mouse and keyboard in Nightingale, you can enable third-person mode by pressing F5. This swaps you between first and third-person modes, giving you a quick and easy way to change your perspective with one button press.

Using the Settings Menu

Alternatively, you can head into your settings, select video, and toggle the third-person mode setting to swap between them. However, the downside is that you have to enter your menu to access this, which can be challenging if you’re in combat or an otherwise dangerous region.

Adjusting Field of View (FOV)

You can also change your first and third-person field of view (FOV) through the video menu, allowing you to change how far the camera is from your character.

While the third-person view is currently an experimental feature, it’s functional for swapping your camera perspective whenever you wish. Once you switch to third-person, you can see your character’s full body and the world around you, which you can navigate by moving your mouse or controller joysticks. You can also slowly move around with your keyboard arrow keys if you prefer.

The third-person mode can look a little janky, so be warned. To optimize the perspective it’s worth noting that Nightingale also features various accessibility features. This includes Arachnophobia mode, which reduces character breathing sounds and enables camera shaking, among other features. You can also change most keybindings, except the default key for changing your character perspective.

That wraps up everything you should need to know about swapping to third person in Nightingale. While it might not yet be setup with as much finesse as we’d like, it’s at least functional and does allow you to check out your character that you’ve spent so long creating!