what the khazad stone does in moria

Image source: North Beach Games

Enigmatic mineral.

Just as in any survival game, you’ll be juggling lots of different items and resources in your inventory throughout Return to Moria. Most of these have a fairly obvious purpose but with one exception: the Khazad Stone is an item wrapped in mystery, leaving many players scratching their heads. If you’re one of the many wondering how to get it and what it actually does then you’re in the right place.

How to Get the Khazad Stone in Return to Moria

To find the Khazadstone, you must first gain access to the dwarven realm of Baranzibar. This step is a prerequisite to uncovering the Great Mithril Forge, where the stone can be found. If you haven’t stumbled upon the forge yet, embark on a journey to the crossroads. Once there, an NPC named Raven will engage with you and point you toward the forge, which will be marked on your map. It’s all pretty linear.

When you get there, look for a gravestone, which is the landmark of the Khazadstone’s location. Contrary to typical in-game items, the stone won’t appear in your inventory. Instead, it’s counted as an achievement, visible under your backpack slot.

What the Khazad Stone Does & How to Use It

The Khazad Stone is a rather unusual item because it doesn’t actually serve any real purpose — at least not yet. Again, while other items and resources in the game are all functional, the Khazad Stone is really more of an achievement or trophy. Basically (spoiler alert), it is mentioned towards the end of the game that you give the stone to King Thorin IV. It therefore has a narrative significance but not any real function.

Now, this is pure speculation, but we think that the Khazad Stone’s role may be expanded in upcoming updates or a possible sequel. This theory is supported by the end-game cutscene, which seems to set the stage for future developments.

Some other key takeaways we’ve noted in doing a bit of desk research (because trust us when we say we were pretty lost as well) include the following:

  • The stone is associated with a significant location next to a gravestone, near three readable books.
  • There’s speculation about it being related to a teleporter known as ‘The Mithril Lode’.
  • Some players have encountered issues when attempting to place the stone in specific slots within the game, which might indicate a bug or a not-yet-activated feature.
  • The location of the stone is consistent; it can be found on the ground by a specific grave, making it an unmissable item.

So there you go, the Khazad Stone is a bit of an anomaly in Return to Moria. Every other item in the game serves a specific purpose whereas this one basically just sits in your inventory doing nothing all game. As we’ve mentioned, it does get a mention in the conclusion to the story — but surely there’s more to it than that? We’ll just have to wait and see what the developers come up with in future DLC or a sequel.